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8 wrong habits that can reduce cleaning efforts


You always want to do the cleaning as quickly as possible, while spending a minimum of effort. Unfortunately, people are very easy to develop some bad habits, leading to the fact that the house is not cleaner, but dirtier.

Surprisingly, this is so - trying to polish the house, a person pollutes it even more. It is worth getting rid of these bad habits as soon as possible so that cleaning up their usual and uncomplicated business will not turn into a Sisyphean task.

1. Wet Wipes Can Harm

Wet wipes should be used wisely.

Today, many housewives use disposable napkins. It is very convenient. But such a small napkin is clearly not enough to clean a large surface. You should not neglect this - you do not need to clean everything with one napkin. If you still use such tools when cleaning, you should definitely get a new napkin when moving to a new object, and not smear dirt alone.

By the way, it is much better to use ordinary rags and sponges instead of disposable ones. Firstly, they can be washed and dried after cleaning, secondly, they do not cause such environmental damage as disposable napkins, and thirdly, it is much more economical. And in times of financial crisis, this is important.

2. Shower and towel curtain: rules of conduct

A wet towel can cause an unpleasant smell.

If you do not dry the curtain properly after taking a shower and immediately fold it, it will remain wet inside. In such a case, even the thinnest curtain can not dry properly - droplets of water, shampoo or soap will always remain in its folds. It must be left in a stretched (working) position so that air flows from both sides can remove moisture. This also applies to towels (and any other textile bath accessories), which some throw in wet lumps on a shelf or in a laundry basket. Not dried shower curtains and textiles can quickly become moldy and become a source of a disgusting smell in the bathroom. It's horrible.

A mountain of dirty dishes is unhygienic.

Many have dishwashers installed today. A natural question arises - why leave the dishes in the sink if you can immediately load them in the dishwasher? If there is no such equipment, then it is best to wash the dishes after each meal. Firstly, it will not be uncomfortable in the kitchen, because dirty plates and pans do not add aesthetics, and secondly, in dirty dishes, parasites and bacteria feel great and spread very quickly. Why give them a chance? If for some reason it is impossible to wash the dishes, it is best to fill it with hot water with some detergent and cover it with plastic wrap.

4. Do not wear outdoor shoes!

Dirty shoes can cause a lot of trouble.

Remove shoes or boots at the door - this action will take a few seconds. But some people neglect this rule, passing to the apartment in street shoes. But this is very important if we talk about dirt and dust in your home. To avoid daily cleaning and vacuuming the apartment too often, simply take off your shoes right away. It is necessary to teach this to children. Of course, it’s much easier to go to street-style sneakers in the kitchen to unload grocery bags, or to the bathroom to wash your hands. This is wrong and unhygienic.

5. Do not save at home waste paper

Old newspapers are a hotbed of dust.

Despite the fact that digital technologies are very well developed today, newspapers, magazines, brochures and other papers often accumulate in homes that no one really needs. They tend to accumulate and roll everywhere - on the table, on the closet, on the shelf, even on the floor. To fight paper invaders who are able to collect clouds of dust, you can put some nice box in the hallway and put important papers in it, such as letters and bills. And still it is necessary to allocate a separate place for waste paper and be sure to throw it at least once a week. Down with paper dust!

6. It is better not to postpone for tomorrow what can be done today.

So that cleaning does not turn into a nightmare, it must be done regularly.

From time to time everyone makes the same big mistake. We are talking about postponing the cleaning for an indefinite period. It seems that it is worthwhile to start cleaning the apartment, when there will be strength, when it becomes completely dirty, or when there is enough time and so on. There are a lot of reasons, and dirt is gradually accumulating in the house. Try cleaning a little every day so that you don’t have to do it all at once at the end of the week and spend the weekend on it. You can make a schedule in which to paint, what day of the week and what exactly needs to be done. It is much easier than a shock to organize a general cleaning, after which there is no strength left.

7. Doesn't Mean Better Anymore

Too much detergent or powder will turn cleaning into anguish.

Sometimes it seems that the more cleaning agent will be applied to a sponge or rag, the topic will be better cleaning. This is absolutely not true. For example, today there are economical means for washing dishes, one drop is enough to wash the whole mountain. And if you pour out half the jars of liquid soap, then you can face the problem of incomplete washing it off the dishes.

This, by the way, is very harmful, and can cause allergies and even intestinal disorders. If you use too much washing powder, you can simply harm the washing machine. If you apply too much universal cleaner to the table top or floors, you may inadvertently disrupt the proportions of diluting the active substance with water, which leaves a layer of soap on the surface. And this will lead to the opposite consequences, namely, it will attract even more dust and dirt.

8. Cleaning tools require cleanliness.

Cleaning tools must also be clean.

It seems that there is such a thing - a regular sponge, mop or rag. However, you need to be sure that they are clean, otherwise the cleaning will turn into the spread of bacteria throughout the house. All the cloths need to be washed with soap and thoroughly dried, the mop should be washed in water and also dried; sponges, of course, also require bathing with soap. And the vacuum cleaner? When the vacuum cleaner bag is full or the filter needs to be replaced, it is very difficult to talk about hygiene. Therefore, before you start cleaning, you should always check the cleanliness of the tools used.