Useful ideas

Delightful ideas for the proper organization of the modern dressing room


Wardrobe in one form or another is in every home. After all, all people wear clothes!

This review will discuss how a dressing room can and should be organized.

Each of the options is good in its own way and is suitable for housing the most different formats.

1. Multi-level shelving

High multi-level shelving will allow you to systematize and organize the layout of clothes.

2. Women's dressing room

A classic multi-level rack will allow you to place a sufficiently large amount of clothing and fashion accessories.

3. Wardrobe in the back room

A small utility room that can be easily turned into a modern wardrobe.

4. Wardrobe room

Arrangement of a dressing room does not require an exclusive design project and attracting professionals.

5. Laconic arrangement of space

Correct and concise arrangement of wardrobe in a small apartment.

6. Dressing room in bright colors

The bright colors of the dressing room will visually expand the space.

7. Traditional men's dressing room

In the men's wardrobe room everything is strictly and systematically organized.

8. Wardrobe room in the style of minimalism.

Classic men's dressing room in the style of minimalism.

9. Light furniture

A light-colored wardrobe in the center of the women's dressing room.

10. Island in the form of a dresser

A small island in the form of a dresser in the center of the women's dressing room.

11. Unusual design solution

An interesting solution that will allow to solve not only a practical task, but also will help when decorating a space.

12. Strict style

Spacious dressing room, in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

13. Poof in the interior of the dressing room

For modern wardrobe characterized by the use of upholstered furniture.

14. Dressing table

A dressing table with a mirror is a great solution for a women's dressing room.

15. Spacious dressing room

For lovers of spending in the wardrobe for a long time, you can install a plasma TV.

16. Open shelves and racks

White shelves will creatively and unusually decorate the interior of the dressing room.

17. Natural lighting

Good lighting is an important component of any dressing room.

18. Beige palette

Modern design of the wardrobe room in beige tones.

19. Classics of the genre

Self-organized dressing room for all family members.

20. Trendy wardrobe

Modern dressing room, which has a fairly spacious area.