Useful ideas

Simple, but effective ideas for efficient storage


To the attention of readers a new review, in which twenty truly stunning ideas were collected at once on how to effectively and efficiently use space in the house, with its acute shortage.

Surely, these tips will be relevant for the vast majority of people.

Enjoy watching.

1. Bunk bed in classic style

Children's bunk bed made of natural wood, painted in a bright shade.

2. A wardrobe mounted in the staircase to the second floor

An interesting option for the rational arrangement of the cabinet in the niche under the stairs.

3. Compact ironing board solution

Ironing board, built-in kitchen cabinet, which will significantly save space in the room.

4. Mini bathroom rack

A small rack in the bathroom, in which you can easily store the necessary hygiene products.

5. Stand for jewelry

An old wooden frame can be an excellent stand for jewelry.

6. The whole library under the bed

A bed with a niche that is perfectly adapted for a functional book storage system.

7. Housewives note

Built-in cabinet for vegetables, which will help to efficiently use the kitchen space.

8. Convenient storage of spices

Cabinet with metal compartments for storing plastic containers with spices.

9. Ordinary shelving

Just a metal rack above the toilet will save space in the bathroom.

10. Quick access to detail

Shelves-organizers will accommodate a large number of things in a small area.

11. Shelves-organizers

Simple manipulations with ordinary shelves allow you to turn them into convenient organizers for storing small items.

12. Convenient and functional

A table without legs, mounted in a wall - a creative and bold decision.

13. Wardrobe for shoes

Metal construction on the door, which can be used to store shoes.

14. Bedside-transformer

The bedside table, which at any time instantly transformed into a table for the computer.

15. Organization of the workplace

The rack, which will organize the workplace and a bedroom in one room.

16. Spacious drawers in the kitchen

Drawers for real housewives.

17. Place under the bed

Built-in wardrobes are an example of a truly useful for a child's room.

18. Workplace for seamstresses in the closet

Cabinet with built-in table for the sewing machine and accessories for sewing.

19. Joy for the owners, comfort for the pet

To save space in the apartment, you can create a place to store food right in the closet.

20. Cabinet on wheels

Sliding wardrobe, which is roomy and comfortable.