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16 gizmos for the house, which will lead any hostess to delight


16 gizmos for the house, which will lead any hostess to delight

Perhaps any hostess dreams of a perfect interior.

The Internet is simply replete with a variety of proposals of things that are designed to facilitate life and decorate a house or apartment.

We have collected 16 wonderful gizmos, at the sight of which the hostess literally screamed with delight.

1. Mobile table

Mobile bedside table.

People who like to work at a computer or eat right in bed will undoubtedly like this narrow mobile table on wheels. Its design allows the table to be directly above the bed, and not near; at the bottom there are two shelves for books, magazines and other trifles.

2. Minimalist shelves

Hinged minimalist shelves.

A small hinged shelf in the style of minimalism, which is mounted on the lower part of the kitchen cabinet and can be used to store the finishing boards.

3. Holder

Frame holder.

A practical device in the form of a frame that can be attached to the door of any locker and used as a holder for a garbage bag or kitchen towel. In our opinion, this thing is stylish, modern and very useful in everyday life.

4. Photo Illusion

Staircase with optical illusion.

The design of the stairs can be truly delightful. With the help of modern materials, you can turn the stairs into a wonderful romantic street.

5. Table-cell

Table with a cage for the pet.

Many dog ​​owners are faced with the need to purchase a cage in which the pet will be forced to stay while the owners are not at home. In such a situation, a classic-style table with a spacious cage at the bottom will help kill two birds with one stone.

6. Pegboards

Perforated boards.

Pegboards made of wood are original and very practical systems for storing any items. In our opinion, perforated panels with the same success can be used to store kitchen utensils, accessories, hats and stationery.

7. Seedling containers

Velcro containers.

Small transparent containers on suckers securely fastened to the window or wall and can be used to grow any greenery.

8. Countertop with sink

Slanted countertop with drain.

The space near the sink without puddles and water drops is the dream of any hostess. A special table top, the design of which allows all the drops to flow back into the sink, will help make this happen.

9. Dryer

Towel dryer.

A compact folding dryer that can be mounted on a window or door casement is the first priority for an apartment with a small balcony and a limited area.

10. Hanger

Hanger with movable hooks.

The minimalist hanger, which looks like a wooden plank, with five movable hooks, will perfectly fit into the interior of the hallway, bath or bedroom.

11. Bed with a secret

Box under the bed.

Bed with a roomy box that can be adapted for a house for pets. A bed with a similar design will help to solve the problem with pets sleeping in the master bed.

12. Vertical organizer

Mounted organizer.

A stylish grid-like organizer, similar to a ladder, conveniently fastens on the door's sash and can be used as a towel rack and clothes in the bathroom.

13. Mobile shelf

Hinged mobile shelf.

A simple and very practical shelf that can be attached to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet and used to store clean dishes. Ideally, hang such a shelf above the sink and put the washed dishes on it so that the remaining water from it flows straight into the drain.

14. Lamps

Origami style lamps.

Small wall lamps in origami style will be a stunning decoration for a child’s room or a teenager.

15. Cloth dryer

Foldable fabric dryer.

A light fabric dryer with shelves, which in two accounts hangs on any vertical surface and also folds easily.

16. Compact system

Compact system for a bathroom.

A compact system that consists of a toilet with a cistern embedded in a small cabinet and a compact overhead sink that adorns its top.