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Ideas of paintings in the house of Feng Shui: how to turn life to light and good luck


Paintings by Feng Shui - not just a beautiful interior detail. Any image is a child produced by the fantasy of the author, and it does not matter at all, it was created in oil on canvas or using a program on a computer and printed as a photo. In each case, the inner energy of the artist, a part of his soul and perception of the world, is invested in such works. The circulation of such energy in contact with the biofield of other people and with the energy flows that already exist in the house, to a large extent determine our life. Sometimes for attracting luck, love or money to yourself, it is enough to hang pictures at home correctly, this will help Feng Shui practice.

Feng Shui is one of the Chinese teachings that helps to correct the vital energy in the right direction. Once, more than a few hundred years ago, the ancient Chinese sages revealed four elements that continuously generate energy for all living things on the planet. Subsequently, many schools and branches were formed to study its properties. Followers of Feng Shui studied in detail the question of how to use the energy of the elements to improve their lives. There are a lot of treatises and books written about this, including which images to hang in the house and how to place the paintings on Feng Shui.

In order to attract wealth, well-being, positive changes in life, you need to properly organize the space around you with the elements that include it.

Any master and connoisseur of Feng Shui will say that in order to bring happiness, money or good luck into your life, it is not enough just to read a large amount of literature and rush to follow instructions. First of all, you need to listen to your own feelings. When choosing a picture or a finished beautiful photo, you need to close your eyes and think about them for a few minutes in order to understand your feelings and reaction to the color, character of the image and even the frame. Based on your emotions, the right decision can come by itself, and then it is your own biofield and subconsciousness that will tell you where to hang a picture, your own photo or family picture - in the living room, office near the desktop or above the bed in the bedroom.

Sometimes, to hang a picture correctly enough to listen to your feelings.

An elegant picture in the living room carries the energy of optimism and activity.

None of the rooms should not hang images with fights, battles, wars and other aggressive scenes. If you hang a similar pattern in the bedroom above the bed, it is unlikely that people resting there will be able to sleep properly. It will also not be useful if you place on the kitchen wall, for example, a reproduction of the Battle of Kulikovo. Perhaps not immediately, but for some time all the family members will certainly notice that the atmosphere at the table is gradually heating up, and all the time there are some “trials”, or the usual favorite food starts to burn or lose its taste. The only place where such pictures can be relevant is training or training halls for athletes, or at the desktop of businessmen, lawyers and bankers who often need a "fighting" attitude and a lot of aggressive energy to "win back" the point of view of their client or a certain amount of money.

A picture with a calm, neutral landscape will help calm down and relax.

You should never hang photos or pictures of dead relatives in your house. We all remember very well how sadly the centuries-old stories ended, where several generations of heirs decided to hang such portraits over the bed, in the living room, in the office near the desktop, or along the stairs leading to the upper floors. Oh, these endless tragedies and deaths worthy of the pen of Shakespeare! Do not repeat their mistakes.

Tip! Above the bed or in the living room is better To hang not the image of people, battles or predators, but banal landscapes or flowers - at least the simplest peonies that will bring happiness and a surge of passion.

In the living room is best to hang a picture with a neutral theme.

Clearly relate goals and rooms. For example, you should not hang pictures with the image of a bag of money in the bedroom above the bed or in the kitchen, this can ruin the relationship by shifting the focus to the material sphere. If you need more money, it makes sense to attract them by placing a picture or photo with their image in the hallway, living room, and best of all at the desktop of the office or office.

Correctly relate the sides of the world and the elements. To do this, you will have to buy a compass if it is still not there. First of all, it is necessary to determine in each room of the apartment a part of the world. Next you need to see what of the existing interior items are located on these sides and whether there are elements of "overload" or wrong things in any zone. For example, if there is a fireplace in the southern sector, and in the northern sector, for which the element of water is responsible, there is nothing or a picture with a flame hanging at all, you should not be surprised at frequent scandals. In such a situation, you need to change the pattern of fire on the picture of flowing calm water. Or another example: many people who complain about the constant lack of money simply do not understand that their desktop area, where the picture of money hangs, is on the north or south wall, so all their efforts are “burned out” or profits “flow away” ". This is easily corrected by transferring the painting to a zone of wood or metal - to the east or west.

Elegant picture of a tranquil landscape

The Chinese have defined the relationship of the cardinal points and the elements:

west - metal / air.

north - water;

south is fire;

east - tree / earth;

The image of an elephant in the picture will bring reliability and stability to your home.

Rama. They should be light, so as not to interfere with the circulation of energy paintings.

Light thin frame will not distract from the main - the plot of the picture

Having dealt with the general simple basics of how to properly hang pictures on Feng Shui, you can move on to the details.

Hallway - landscapes, still lifes, not predatory animals or birds, the same universal peonies or other flowers. The place where guests come for the first time should bear a neutral or unobtrusive positive charge.

Easy, uncomplicated landscape in the hallway

Living room - running water, beautiful cozy parts of the home interior (fireplace, hearth, house with a front garden, etc.), city square, etc. You can hang up uniting and spiritually rallying Bible scenes such as "Last Supper". Also well fit t peonies or other flowers.

The picture of the reservoir is great for the living room

The bedroom is nature, calm running water, love scenes, flowers.

In the bedroom, according to Feng Shui, the pictures are perfectly combined with the landscape, romantic theme.

Tip! Above the bed can not hang pictures or photos of the swamps, ponds and other standing water and fading nature.. This can lead to "stagnation" and a decrease in sexual activity in bed. The water in the pictures should be running, but calm and light. No tsunamis, waterfalls or dark clouds with thunderstorms and storms!

Kitchen - hearths, fields, trees, still lifes, scenes on the theme of cozy cafes.

The gentle flowering of the tree in the picture in the kitchen will help you to relax and enjoy your meal.

Children's - there is nothing easier if you approach the issue with sensitivity. Here it is best to focus on the preferences of your favorite children, it is enough to gradually observe them and find out their favorite activities and colors.

A bright picture with an animal is an excellent choice of a picture for a child's room.

Tip! If a child has too strong character and emotional outbursts, the pictures should be selected more calm, if the child is too apathetic, on the contrary - to increase the activity with scenes with movement.. For this picture you should not hang over the bed, they need to be placed in the place where the child’s eyes most often fall after waking up.

Everything is simple here - it is enough to read any of the descriptions of the influence of color on the character from books on psychology and bring what you want to strengthen into the interior with a picture.

Colors according to Feng Shui and human condition:

  • red - passion, aggression;

Accenting interior element - picture in red

  • yellow, orange - a surge of energy, vigor, improved mood and feelings of a surge of happiness;

Yellow, invigorating flowers in the picture in the kitchen

  • green, blue - calm;

Deep blue picture in the interior

  • black, gray - many are disheartening.

Peonies occupy a special place in the whole flower garden according to Feng-Shui. These flowers have so powerful positive energy that they can be hung as images in virtually any place! Peonies are the best helpers in the search for love, harmony and happiness, they help single people to find their couple in a matter of months. Many "inveterate bachelors and bachelorettes" themselves cornered their psyche, cultivating their complexes, which are not. Peonies break these chains, give self-confidence and literally push people towards a happy future and true love. Already married people help peonies to awaken a dormant sexuality, increase passion and open attraction to each other from the other side.

Gentle peonies on a light background give lightness to the interior

Pictures are not just bright beautiful color accents in our house, with skillful and proper placement, you can completely change your life and set a steady vector in the direction of happiness. And if you have enough money, and even everything is quite well formed in your personal life, just in case, you still need to place somewhere a couple of pictures of ... peonies! They will not let you go astray and will stand guard over your good life, driving away all your troubles.