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These 7 common products are not allowed to reheat!


In Russia, it is customary to eat at home, and therefore warming up food is common for us. We heat up the cooled down, not thinking about the fact that each heat is a chemical reaction, and the heated food may well under its effect change its chemical composition.

There are products that cannot be re-heat treated, as this can lead to serious health problems. All that you have left after the next meal should be put in the fridge and that it is strictly forbidden to reheat, try to use it in a new way.

We publish a list of products that can not be warmed and tips on alternative use of these products.


In the refrigerator of many Russians you can find chicken dishes. It is a source of protein that is easily digested, and the variety of options for cooking chicken meat is amazing. But still, the chicken can not be reheated again, as this changes the structure of proteins, which, in turn, may adversely affect digestion.

Tip: Boiled or baked chicken is perfect for salad, and use the remaining piece of toasted fillet or chicken cutlets cold to make a sandwich.


Mushrooms are a very complex product for the body, because it is not even recommended for children under four years old. However, do not forget that mushrooms are a valuable source of vegetable protein, so if you limit meat intake, be sure to include them in the diet, but without secondary heat treatment, as a result of which not only their benefits decrease, but also the nutritional composition changes. Such changes can cause stomach pain and bloating.

Tip: stewed mushrooms are recommended to use as a sauce for hot pasta or boiled potatoes, and also just cold as a salad, adding, for example, chopped greens.


We agree that eggs are a product that we heat less often. But it is still important to know that repeated exposure to high temperatures not only changes the taste, making the eggs not very appetizing, but also significantly affects the composition. A number of compounds that make up the eggs, becomes toxic and can adversely affect health and even cause poisoning.

Tip: boiled eggs will perfectly complement many salads and even sandwiches, but it is better not to leave omelet and fried eggs immediately after cooking.


An unusually nutritious and beloved product by many, however, when reheated, loses the most significant part of its taste and useful properties. That is why we advise you not to risk and cook potatoes exclusively for one meal.

Tip: The easiest way to re-use boiled cold potatoes is to make a salad, but fried potatoes and potato casseroles are a dish at a time.


Another vegetable on our list today is beets. In fact, beetroot is one of those unique products that, during the initial heating, do not lose their beneficial properties, as do tomatoes. But heating significantly affects the structure and composition of beets, which can cause serious health problems, especially with regular use of such a product.

Tip: as for beet-based soups, such as, for example, borsch, it will be most appropriate to cook portions, but with boiled beets there are many recipes for salads. However, if you want to get the maximum benefit from this root, add beet raw in salads and in various smoothies.


Many housewives love to add celery to stewed vegetables or soups. But with repeated heat treatment, some of the elements that make up celery change their structure and become carcinogenic. With the constant use of such food there is a risk of serious diseases, so it is important to closely monitor not only the foods that you eat, but also the way they are prepared.

Tip: A lot of celery-based cream soups are very tasty and cold, so be sure to try.


Spinach is very useful for the body, as it contains many beneficial vitamins and trace elements. Especially love this kind of greens by those who lead a healthy lifestyle and carefully monitor nutrition. Spinach stewed in sour cream is one of the popular dishes that blend well with a side dish of rice or spaghetti, but you cannot reheat it again.

Tip: for maximum benefit, we recommend to use spinach in its natural form, adding to salads and smoothies, and already prepared spinach can be used as a sauce or a cold snack.