Useful ideas

20 functional and simple solutions that will help transform living space


The organization of living space requires a careful, thorough and responsible approach.

There are many universal design solutions in the field of organization of premises.

Twenty most simple and at the same time functional examples of how you can make your home even better were collected here!

1. Cabinet with compartments

A small wooden cabinet with metal structures inside.

2. Light nightstand in the bedroom

Classic light wooden bedside table in the interior of the bedroom.

3. Open cabinet

An open wooden bedside table that can be easily made by hand.

4. Wooden bedside table

Aged wooden nightstand in a bright bedroom interior.

5. Glazed rack

Shelving with glass doors will protect books from moisture and direct sunlight.

6. Wooden two-tier shelf

Traditional wooden shelf in the area for watching TV.

7. Practical locker

Cabinet in the bathroom, which does not take up much space, but practical and convenient to use.

8. "Like new"

Renovated old wooden wardrobe, which largely sets the atmosphere of the room.

9. Successful zoning of space

Light colored shelving is the most popular option for a small office.

10. Wooden writing desk

A wooden table with white cabinets will be a spectacular addition to the interior of a small cabinet.

11. Invisible shelves

Metal shelves, painted in the color of the walls - an interesting option for decorating the room, which can be realized with your own hands.

12. Modular cabinet

Modular wooden wardrobe that can diversify the interior of any room.

13. Cabinet with hanger

The functional open closet with clothes hanger and shelves will fit perfectly into the small hallway.

14. Multifunctional shelves

Shelves in the bathroom that perform a double role.

15. Rack of wood and metal

Rack for books and souvenirs, which fits perfectly into the room in the style of a loft.

16. Bright plastic shelves

Multi-colored plastic shelves that stand out in a bright accent on the white wall.

17. Metal shelves

Replace a bulky shelving in the hallway will help metal wall shelves.

18. Shelves for shoes

In the hallway you can place a stylish and compact shelf for shoes.

19. Cabinet in modern style

The original locker in the bathroom in modern style.

20. Spacious wardrobe

Wardrobe for the living room will collect in one place all the necessary things and allow you to streamline them.