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17 everyday tricks to help cope with small tasks of various kinds


17 everyday tricks to help cope with small tasks of various kinds

Experienced owners know a lot of everyday tricks that will help to cope with minor (and not very) household troubles.

As, for example, you can cut the bread without crumbling it, or hammer a nail without beating your fingers.

About this and other lifehacks - further in our material.

1. Sealed envelope

Unnoticed print envelope.

If you have sealed the envelope, and then realized that you forgot to put something important, print it with a steam iron. The envelope must first be wrapped in a towel, and then thoroughly ironed in the steam mode. It is worth noting that this method allows you to keep the envelope in its original form, in contrast to the older method with steam from the pan.

2. Using a puller

Precautions when using a nail catcher.

Pulling nails out of the wall, you always run the risk of overdoing with pressure and damage the wall. To prevent this from happening and your actions do not damage the walls, we recommend sticking a mounting tape or ordinary adhesive plaster to the front of the tool.

3. Rearrange furniture

Neat rearrangement of furniture.

When you rearrange heavy furniture, you can easily damage the flooring, especially when it comes to materials such as laminate and parquet. At the same time, it is very easy to prevent nuisance simply by placing an empty egg tray or just a piece of cardboard under the legs.

4. Paint brush

Paint brush in a can.

To paint brush does not sink in the bank, you need to throw anchor. This anchor can be a horseshoe-shaped magnet. Put it on the top of the paint can and the metal part of the brush will firmly "stick" to it.

5. Fresh bread

Carefully cut the bread.

Slicing onions.

During shredding, the onion now and then tries to slip out from under the knife or fall apart completely. If you are familiar with this situation, adopt a life hacking with forks. Cut the onion in half, stick in both halves of the fork and hold the onion behind them during the shredding.

7. Melt the butter

Melt the cold butter.

If you need to quickly melt frozen or too cold butter, use a glass. To do this, pour it with boiling water, and then cover a piece of butter. After 5 minutes, the product will become softer and can be easily spread on bread.

8. Destruction of smells

Eliminating unpleasant odors.

The smell of fish, meat or burnt food is not uncommon for the kitchen. And if you do not have a good hood - it can be a real problem and great to spoil the mood. But do not be upset, here come to the aid of affordable folk remedies such as vinegar or orange peels. Starting cooking, mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a small saucepan, put on a small fire. In the case of orange skins, cover with water and boil after cooking.

9. Dried pastries

Reanimate dried baked goods.

If you leave a slice of pizza or a bun on the table, by morning these products are likely to dry out and become non-edible. But do not worry, you can reanimate them. Just warm them in a microwave with a glass of water.

10. Wet Wipes

Packing with wet wipes.

Take a plastic cup with a lid. Punch a hole in it, pour some water inside, and place a roll of absorbent wipes. Thus, you will get a container with wet wipes, which is convenient to wipe tables and other surfaces in the house.

11. Stickers

Stickers on glass and ceramics.

According to the information, stickers from glass and ceramics are very easy to remove using any vegetable oil. Put it on a sticker, give it a few minutes to soak, and then carefully remove. After that, and evaluate the result.

12. Fixing nail

Fix the nail.

To prevent the small carnation from slipping under the hammer, pass it through the eraser of the pencil.

13. Cleaning the mirror

Cleaning the mirror in the bath.

It turns out that shaving foam is an excellent tool for washing mirrors. Using it you will not only return shine to reflective surfaces, but also protect them from fogging. Use this life hacking and all the mirrors in your bathroom will always be in order.

14. Braid wires

Stylish braid wires.

Not all wires can be hidden, but absolutely everyone can be transformed, and quickly and inexpensively. Just wrap the cord tightly with twine or fine decorative rope.

15. Box with packages

Box with bags.

Previously, everyone had a package with packages, and the editorial, offers you to get a box with bags. To do this, make a hole in the lid of a small box, and put a roll with packages inside.

16. United hangers

Double hangers.

If the possibilities of your closet are too modest, use this trick with stacked hangers. A metal key opener that is on each tin can with a drink will help to connect them.

17. Clothespins

Homemade clothespins.

If you need to close any started packaging, and you do not have a clip or a clothespin on hand, a wine cork is useful. Just make a longitudinal cut in the center and secure on the package.