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11 household tricks used by our mothers and grandmothers


11 household tricks used by our mothers and grandmothers

Everyone knows that the Soviet hostess could brilliantly get out of any difficult situation, whether it is storing onions in short nylon or stretching narrow shoes.

Nevertheless, household tricks of the time are relevant to this day.

1. Stretching shoes

Stretching shoes.

The situation of buying smaller shoes happened to every second person. Most often this was due to the elementary lack of the required size. However, our older relatives were not discouraged, because they knew that leather products can be stretched. To do this, each shoe was put in a bag of water, and then sent to the freezer. This procedure helped stretch small shoes by 1-2 sizes.

2. Coloring things

Coloring clothes in a washing machine.

With the advent of washing machines, the life of our older relatives has become much easier. However, resourceful housewives found out that the washing machine can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also for dyeing clothes. For this, the powder was mixed with the coloring composition, and salt and vinegar were often used to preserve and fix the color. According to the information, the paint in the washing machine lay down better than when painting clothes in the pelvis.

3. Tights

Capron tights.

The past war, and then the long hardships, our older relatives learned to preserve things and make supplies. Modern man can hardly understand why the old are so hard to part with things. Take, for example, nylon pantyhose. They were worn to the victorious: the arrows were stopped with varnish, darned with hair. Tights that could not be reanimated, used to store onions. Also strong kapron was taken to the country, where they used for garter plants. Another way to recycle pantyhose is a woven mat in the hallway.

4. Toothbrushes

The second life of toothbrushes.

Few Soviet citizens changed a toothbrush every three months. Most often it was used until the bristles were completely disheveled. But after that, inventive citizens found its use. To the toothbrushes tied up the plants in the garden, or bent them over the fire, turning into hooks.

5. Lipstick

Matches in lipstick.

Soviet-era women were not sure that they could get the shade of lipstick they liked, so their favorite subject of cosmetics was used to the maximum. Often, when it was already impossible to put lipstick on lipstick, ordinary matches were used. With their help, it was possible to extract a little product to distribute it on the lips.

6. Plug connector

Homemade plug.

Thoughtfulness and ingenuity were not only our mothers. A Soviet man, for example, could have made a plug connector for a tape recorder from a pen stick. For this was used its brass part. It was soldered to the wire and inserted into a rubber stopper.

7. Thermal handles

Thermal bath pans.

In order not to burn about the handles of the lids of pots and pans, ordinary wine corks were thrust under them. Many have become so used to it that they continue to do this trick to this day.

8. Remnants

Detergent from remnants.

Household Soviet women did not throw out the remnants of soap. When the bar became very small or broke, it was put in a special jar. When a large number of remnants accumulated in it, they were flooded with water and insisted. As a result of these simple actions, a concentrated composition was obtained that could be used for washing or washing.

9. Drain tank

Saving water.

The story of the brick in the cistern was described in the magazine "Young Technician". By placing a brick in the toilet bowl, it was possible to reduce water consumption. It is worth noting that far from everyone used this method, as Soviet citizens didn’t particularly feel the need to save water. Far more popular were frauds with electricity meters.

10. Missing pen

Missing furniture handle.

Not all Soviet furniture was of good quality, so the problem of sliding lockers with broken handles touched many Soviet citizens. One of the solutions to the problem appeared in the popular edition of that time. There, in order to open a tight locker without a handle, they offered to use a plunger.

11. Packing

Food and beverage packaging.

Our grandmothers and mothers were excellent housewives, able to find practical use of almost any thing. So, in Soviet times, almost everyone collected plastic bottles and various packaging. In the spring they were used as containers for seedlings.

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