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10 gross design mistakes that spoil the interior and smack of bad taste


To date, opportunities to transform your home rife.

All sorts of sites, design tips, life hacking, designed to finish the interior without significant investment ...

However, despite all this diversity, many people do not know how to change the house for the better, continuing to live the stereotypes of the past decades. For those who want to update the appearance of their interior a little, but cannot understand how, we have selected several recommendations.

1. Monochrome interior

Dull monochrome interior without bright details.

Monochrome interiors have become quite popular. It would seem, what could be simpler than decorating a room in one color range? However, often we are so interested in the choice of furniture and accessories of the same color that we forget about the fact that there should be a touch of individuality in the interior. In the end, we get a boring interior, in which there is no zest or individuality. To avoid this mistake will help your own sense of style and intuition.

Choosing furniture and accessories, listen to yourself, what bright detail do you want to see in your apartment? A set of colored pillows, a yellow chair, an unusual carpet, an original picture - these are the things that can dilute and breathe life into the interior.

2. Drywall Arches

Arches of drywall and other butophoria.

Somewhere in 2005, drywall arches were very popular. People who had the opportunity immediately realized this idea, turning all doorways into arches, while others quietly dreamed about it. At about the same time, fake fireplaces and columns from the same drywall became fashionable. Remember? Well, the editors are in a hurry to inform you that all these attributes of fake luxury have already gone out of fashion. And it happened not yesterday, but about five years ago. Of course, this does not mean that you need to start repairs immediately, if the plasterboard attributes are already in your house, just accept this fact and plan to change it as soon as possible. But if you are now at the repair stage, give up the drywall and all of the above. Remember, simple lines and natural materials are in fashion.

Poor position of outlets and switches.

Sockets and switches ... It would seem such a trifle, but their wrong location can be great to spoil your life. Just imagine how you will “rejoice” each time you try to turn on the appliance in a wall socket, hidden behind a cupboard, or stumble into darkness on things in search of a switch. All these troubles can be avoided by properly planning out the placement of all outlets and switches.

4. Cheap textiles

Poor quality textiles.

Curtains, carpets and linens are not the things worth saving. Perhaps you think that these are all trifles, but in reality these things are almost the main components of home comfort. Therefore, if you are dreaming about a certain type of curtains, but there is no money for high-quality fabric, it is better to give up this idea. Sometimes it is better to live for a while without curtains, than to buy something that is trivial enough. The same applies to carpets: wait, dig, but do not settle for less. Bed linen is more difficult, because it is impossible to do without it, so just put up with the idea that buying good bed linen you are investing in your home.

5. Size mismatch

Incorrectly selected furniture.

The main principle of a beautiful home is harmony in everything. First of all, it concerns furniture. When choosing it, it is important to adhere not only to a single style, but also to size. According to the information, low furniture is perfect for arranging small apartments with low ceilings, but will simply be lost in a spacious room. Naturally, a bulky bed will look ridiculous in a small bedroom, even if there is nothing else besides her. Also try to pick up furniture of the same size, otherwise this disparity of proportions will always be evident and spoil a good picture.

6. Multi-level ceiling

Multi-level plasterboard ceiling.

Multi-level plasterboard ceilings are another popular trend from the past, which is still being fostered by not-too-skilled designers. Such ceilings make the space heavier and look too artificial. In addition, why use the trends from the past, if now we have much more attractive. For example, stretch ceilings perfectly hide bumps and floors. Moreover, due to the glossy effect they help to visually increase the space.

7. Storage Systems

Lack of storage systems.

The lack of storage systems is a blunder that will lead to confusion. Therefore, if you refuse a cabinet or shelves, get ready for the fact that in a couple of months you will be forced to store personal belongings on the floor. We recommend not to abandon storage systems, and look for good options for your home.

8. Strange accommodation

Strange placement of things in order to save space.

Some people want to put all their plans in one room by any means. Often because of this, they have to go to extremes like the ones in the picture. However, if at first such decisions will please, then later you will realize that you were stupid, hurried, did not take into account nuances like the distance that must be kept between furniture and communications. Ultimately, this will lead to inconveniences alone.

9. Palace luxury

Pompousness and palace luxury.

Golden tapestries, crystal chandeliers and marble look good in palaces and museums, but completely unsuitable for residential premises. Moreover, the desire to demonstrate their financial capabilities in this way speak only of spiritual poverty and bad taste. Well, the implementation of such ideas within a small apartment looks ridiculous.

10. Poor details


This item concerns more people who can be called "self designer". Often they light up certain ideas and even see the desired picture well, but do not take into account the nuances, like the minimum distance between furniture pieces, the size of the sliding systems and so on. In the end, they still manage to recreate the desired picture. But not everything is so smooth, as soon as things start to be used for their intended purpose, reefs emerge.

For example, it is impossible to open the door of the nightstand because of the decomposed sofa, which rests against it, the doors of the cabinets do not open until the end because of the close proximity to other furniture and so on. Remember, the design of your own home is a big responsibility and you need to calculate every detail, carefully measure and calculate all the nuances.