Useful ideas

16 excellent ideas to help clean up every corner of the apartment


Every hostess dreams of the perfect order in the house. To make it all like on TV - laid out in drawers and shelves. But in reality, things often happen quite differently.

Whether fantasy is not enough, or time.

In order not to bother the housewives, we found ready-made tips, to bring order to every corner of the apartment.

1. Shoe rack

Narrow shoe rack.

The narrow rack, which consists of a number of small open shelves, one above the other, is attached to the wall and allows you to carefully store a large amount of shoes.

2. Stand on the sink

Stand for dishes.

The dishes that you use regularly, knives and detergents are very convenient to store on a special stand above the sink. Also in its design there are sections for storing cutting board, fruits and vegetables, cutlery, as well as hooks for towels, skimmers, paddles and rims. The grid design of the stand is ideal for wet dishes, fruits and vegetables. Drops quickly flow into the sink, and objects quickly dry in the open air.

3. Trolley

Cart for stationery.

Easy three-tier trolley on wheels will be useful in any home. It can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, for the storage of office supplies. Place on its shelves buckets, jars and plastic containers into which you later put the paints, pencils, pens, felt-tip pens and other materials for creativity.

4. Rotating coasters

Round rotating coasters.

The wooden rotating stand "Lazy Susan" is a great au pair who can be used to store a variety of things. In our opinion, it is best suited for storing jars with spices or household chemicals.

5. Plastic containers

Plastic containers in the closet.

If you are an owner of an open wardrobe or a pedantic person obsessed with order, you will definitely like the idea of ​​storing things in plastic containers. Transparent containers look the most accurate. Smaller ones can be used for storing scarves and jewelry; larger containers are suitable for clothes, shoes and bags.

6. Cells

Plastic cells in the locker.

In kitchen drawers, where many small items are stored, a mess quickly forms. To avoid this will help its division into sections. For this we recommend using small plastic containers.

7. Double deck coasters

Small two-story coasters.

Small lattice coasters are ideal for zoning the space inside the cabinet. Such coasters can be used to store household supplies, household chemicals, cosmetics and any other small items.

8. Vertical cabinet

Vertical locker.

A small secret cabinet with lattice partitions is the best place for storing boards, pans and other dishes.

9. Hangers

Storage suspended.

Unusual example of the use of hangers for clothes for other purposes. With their help, it is very convenient to store open food packaging in the pantry or in the refrigerator.

10. Organizer

Homemade organizer for the hallway.

Functional organizer for the hallway, made of coarse wood, with a compartment for the mail, hooks for keys, bags and hats.

11. Knife compartments

Stands for knives.

A beautiful knife holder, built into the drawer, will help solve the problem of storing a large number of cutting tools. A stand of this type is perfect for people who have small children, as it allows you to remove sharp objects from the eyes and surfaces.

12. Perforated panel

Small perforated panel.

Bright perforated panel that allows you to attach various stationery items in different ways.

13. Organizer

Soft organizer.

A soft organizer is a fairly universal thing in the household. Most often it is used to store household chemicals, but you can also hang on the door in the bedroom and keep it scarves, socks, tights and any other small things.

14. Open boxes

Open boxes for vegetables.

Most likely you know that not all vegetables and fruits can be stored in the refrigerator. But open wooden boxes are perfect for this purpose. Such a storage system can be equipped in one of the kitchen cabinets away from the sink and the battery.

15. Suspended organizers

Suspended organizers by the bed.

Small hanging organizers, attached to the bed frame, will allow you to place a lot of necessary things in them and can become a good alternative to bedside tables.

16. Grid shelf

Compact lattice shelf.

Save space on your kitchen work surfaces. A compact hanging rack with shelves for spices, cups, tea and other supplies will help free them.