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15 brilliant ideas that will help to transform even the smallest balcony


Most of us balconies in apartments are a warehouse of all kinds of junk from unnecessary things that have accumulated over the years.

However, it is quite possible to re-arrange it in a cozy place for relaxation.

These 15 brilliant ideas will transform even the most modest balcony.

1. Compact table

Compact table with a visor.

Compact hinged table easily and securely attached to the railing, turning your balcony into a working area or a place for breakfast. The design of the table has a visor that will close the computer from the sun's rays, and the food from dust carried by the wind.

2. Corner shelves

Small corner shelves.

Small corner shelves, attached to the balcony railing with wire, will allow you to get a convenient storage system on a small balcony. On the shelves, you can put flower pots, an ashtray, fold your favorite books or use them instead of a table for drinks and snacks.

3. Folding table

Folding table.

Do you dream to gather with your family for lunch on your own balcony, but it seems that the place is not enough? We recommend paying attention to the bright folding table, which is attached to the balcony railing. When folded, it takes up minimal space, and 3-4 persons can easily accommodate the unfolded one.

4. Swing

Wooden swing on the balcony.

Even the simplest unglazed balcony can be made amazing. It is enough to release it from the trash, put your favorite potted flowers, a tall wooden stool and hang a bench swing. The updated balcony will definitely please all households and will become a favorite place to relax.

5. Hammock

Hammock on the balcony.

A hammock is such a thing that does not interfere anywhere, be it a cottage, a bedroom or your loggia. The photo above is a good example of arranging a balcony with a striped hammock and a comfortable sofa in the same shades.

6. Comfort

Small cozy balcony.

Small balconies are good because they require a minimum of resources. For example, those who want to create a cozy spot on the balcony will need only a couple of simple chairs, a small round table, a staircase and a few decorative elements to your taste.

7. Corner sofa

Corner sofa and table.

The simplest corner sofa and a compact wooden table - this is the necessary minimum of furniture to create a comfortable atmosphere on a small balcony. Add fresh flowers in original pots, a round garland for lighting and you get a stylish modern space for relaxing and sitting in the air.

8. Bar counter

Laid on bar counter.

Laid on bar counter - an easy way to bring a little comfort to the interior of your modest balcony, which does not require large investments.

9. Minimalism

Bright minimalism.

Cover the balcony floor with rich green carpet grass, put light budget furniture of bright colors and tall plants will create a comfortable and cheerful atmosphere on the narrow balcony.

10. Cabinet

A study on the balcony.

A small glassed-in balcony is an ideal place for arranging a personal account. All you need is a small table, a chair and a small rack on the opposite wall.

11. Homemade table

Charming homemade table.

A small wooden cable spool can be used to create a delicious coffee table that fits perfectly into the interior of a small balcony. For greater attractiveness, paint the coil white, decorate it with candles in jars and other trinkets.

12. Bean bag

Place to rest.

There is practically no furniture on this narrow loggia, only a bag chair, a rug, a small table and a bright picture on the wall. However, the space does not look dull or poor, rather, on the contrary, a stylish modern balcony.

13. Mattress

Soft bench on the balcony.

Several mattresses or furniture cushions will help create a huge sunbed. Fill it with cushions, set a table next to it and enjoy idle idleness.

14. The rule of three colors

Contrast combinations.

A very spectacular dining area with compact custom-made furniture, a striped rug and pillows is a great example of a modestly sized balcony.

15. Pallets

Sofa of pallets.

It seems the pallets are simply made to make original garden furniture. They are suitable for balconies.

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