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11 ways to use tea bags in everyday life, and for not only for brewing


Oh, those tea bags!

Yes, it is very convenient - to get fresh flavored tea in a few minutes.

However, used tea bags can be quite annoying, especially if someone scatters them around the house.

Do not get angry, it is better to learn how you can apply them in everyday life.

1. Down with swelling and dark circles around the eyes

Put cold sachets over your eyes and relax.

Instead of spending money on expensive creams and lotions around the eyes, you can use old tea bags. You just need to put them in the refrigerator, wait until they become cool, and then put on the eyes. The active substances contained in the tea will work and help narrow the vessels. The swelling will go away, and the skin color will become more fresh. By the way, you can make a steam bath out of tea - put tea bags in a bowl with hot steam water, lean over it and let the steam work wonders. It will open the pores, allowing the tea's antioxidants to tone and moisturize the skin.

2. Refresh your carpets

Tea can help remove dirt and smell from the carpet.

When there is a carpet at home, tea bags will definitely come in handy. After using the bag, you need to dry it, get tea out of it, mix it with baking soda and put the mixture on the stains on the carpet. After twenty minutes, you can vacuum. Soda in combination with tea will help eliminate odors and dirt. This method is especially good if small children or pets live in the house - there are no aggressive chemicals in the recipe. Even if the rogues come into the prepared mass, it will in no way affect their health.

3. Dirty dishes - it does not matter

After using tea bags, it is very easy to wash the grease off the dishes.

If you do not want to use aggressive detergents for cleaning dirty pots, you can use the old tea bag. You need to put it in a saucepan, pour hot water and wait a bit. Tannin contained in tea will help in dissolving fat and make washing easy and enjoyable. Even if there is very little time, and you have to leave the dishes at night, in the morning you can wash everything in two accounts without exhausting cleaning and using a large amount of detergent.

Wooden floors will shine, having tasted tea.

Tea bags will help bring back the shiny shine to wooden floors or furniture. They need to be poured with hot water, moisten in the resulting solution a soft microfiber cloth and wipe the surface. They immediately shine, get a pleasant vibrant hue. If the job site is small, you can use a bag instead of a sponge. Just need to squeeze it properly, so as not to part puddles.

5. Tea bath, relieves fatigue

Wonderful tea bath will relieve tension.

Tea contains antioxidants, because the bath with this substance perfectly tones and softens the skin. You can hang the bags on the tap so that the water flows through them, or you can just throw them directly into the water. If the tea contains jasmine or chamomile, you get a wonderful aromatic tea bath, which is fashionable to soak up after a tiring day. And all this without wasting money and shopping!

6. One, two, three - fire, burn

Kindle fire is now easy.

It’s not so easy to start a fire, especially if there are few skills. Tea bags will help here. It is necessary to dry them, melt the wax or stearic candle, put the bags in it and put them on the foil. After the wax has hardened, easy and convenient devices will be obtained, which will help to kindle a fire without any problems. These bags quickly light up, they should take with you on a hike. Do not have to look for dry twigs and cones in order to kindle a fire.

7. Say no to bad smells.

If it smells out of the fridge, put an old tea bag in it.

Tea leaves have an amazing ability to absorb odors. You should definitely take advantage of this by placing a dry, used tea bag in the right space (chest of drawers, wardrobe, fridge, shoes, and so on). Now you do not have to wrinkle your nose and go shopping in search of an odor absorber, which, by the way, does not always work well.

8. Hair will be satisfied

Saturated hair with strong tea can give them shine.

There are a variety of hair products, including balsams to add shine. And you can do without them, using old tea bags. They need to pour boiling water and cool the resulting solution to a warm state. Before washing the head, this strong tea should be rubbed into the hair. It is best to wear a bath hat and sit in it for ten minutes. After that you can wash your hair as usual. But still it is better to make a tea mask on clean hair, and then just rinse them in running water.

9. The best flavors for your home

From tea bags get excellent flavors.

To the house smelled pleasantly, use air flavors. Why do we need chemistry, if there is a simpler way? You just need to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to dry tea bags, and excellent air fresheners for your home, office or car are ready. Since most tea bags come with a string, they are very easy to hang. When the oil is exhausted, you can simply add it again. As tea leaves absorb the smells well, these creative homemade air fresheners will work flawlessly.

10. Sunburn: tea will definitely help.

Tea will reduce the pain of sunburn.

If after a walk in the sun burns appeared on your skin, old tea bags will definitely help. They need to soak, place in the refrigerator, and when they cool down, apply to the inflamed skin. Relief will come immediately - tannin tends to constrict capillaries. Tea compress relieve pain, irritation, redness. This is a very simple tool that can not harm anyone. Taking a tea bag in a trip, in some cases you can do without visiting the pharmacy.

11. Food for dry skin

Dry skin: use tea.

If the skin is very dry, you can help her, refreshing with tea bags. You need to re-brew them, then cool the tea and pour it into an empty bottle. This tool is applied to the skin with a palm or with a cotton pad. Any tea will do, but it is worth considering that antioxidants in green tea are particularly effective and moisturize dry skin better! Bottle can take with you anywhere - to work, on a trip to the office. The main thing that tea is not spilled.