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How to maintain order in the house, without killing him all the free time


Cleaning is unpleasant, but necessary. Whatever one may say, but not everyone will like to live in a house where mountains of garbage dominate.

But what to do if you work all week from morning to night, and then you have to devote the only day off to cleaning?

Do not despair, our advice will not spend all your free time on household chores.

1. Hot spots

Regular cleaning in the most problematic places.

In order to clean floors in the whole apartment less often, it is enough just to control the condition of the so-called “hot spots” of the apartment. This name is due to the fact that in such places most of the garbage accumulates, which later spreads throughout the apartment. More often, the epicenters of dirt are: an entrance hall, a pet's place, and a space near a trash can. Regular ten-minute cleaning in these places will allow you to forget about the frequent cleaning of floors throughout the apartment.

2. Complicated pollution

To cope with difficult pollution.

It is possible to cope with difficult pollution on furniture and household appliances without special detergents. Just moisten the sponge with water and heat it in the microwave. Thirty seconds will be enough for the sponge to become hot and to dissolve complex and old spots.

3. Box in the hallway

Garbage box in the hallway.

Do you know how trash enters your home? Surprisingly, he “enters” through the door with you. Checks from a handbag, advertising booklets, movie tickets, utility bills, and much more eventually settles on the shelves of your apartment. To avoid littering your home, place a small box in the hallway that will serve as a temporary storage point. Once a week, sort through the contents of the box, laying out the right in places, and unnecessary - in junk.

Wash dishes immediately after eating or cooking.

During the day, many people have the habit of putting dishes in the sink until the mountain grows all the way up to the tap. One gets the impression that such people are waiting for a wizard who will arrive and wash their dirty dishes. Since such an alignment is unlikely, it is time to train yourself to wash the dishes immediately after eating or cooking. This procedure will take no more than five minutes, as it is easier to clean fresh stains from the walls than dried fat. After two or three weeks, the ritual of washing dishes in time will become a habit, and you will suddenly find that the sink is clean and empty.

5. Getting rid of trash.

Fighting rubble debris.

Even in a perfectly clean room there is no, no, yes there are some unnecessary things. And if your apartment does not pull on a sample of cleanliness, then there is a lot of different garbage in it. It is time to correct the situation. To do this, take the package and go for a walk around the apartment, collecting unnecessary trash and small garbage until you have collected 27 units. Garbage is considered to be pieces of paper, candy wrappers, broken pens, unnecessary hairpins, single socks and the like. Do this daily until you find that there is no more garbage. Next, do the mood.

6. Airing

Airing bathroom.

Another problematic place requiring special care is the bathroom. In a room with high humidity, without windows, a fungus is very quickly detected. It is easier to prevent than to get rid of already appeared. All that is needed for this is to always leave the door to the bathroom open, and the curtain unfolded after water treatments.

7. Moisturizing against dust

Dust humidifier.

Dust is inevitable! And it appears with the speed of sound, you do not have time to clean the entire apartment, as dust particles are already visible on the windowsills. Humidifier will slightly ease the process of dealing with this nuisance. Such a thing will prevent sedimentation of dust particles and pet hair on furniture and prolong the effect of cleanliness. Just do not overdo it, the optimum humidity is 20-30 percent.

8. Closed cabinets

Closed cabinets instead of open systems.

There are people who do not like to clean, but do not like to live in the dust. In this case, try to make sure that most of your cabinets and cabinets have doors. If possible, avoid open shelves - they and all items standing there will only collect dust.

9. Magic box

Magic box with trinkets.

Probably, every girl has such trinkets, which do not bring absolutely no benefit, are not used, but it is a pity to throw them out. Typically, these include various charms, jewelry, candles, beautiful bottles, toys and more. So, all these "treasures" need to be collected, put in one beautiful box and put on the shelf. When your friends and children come to visit you, have the babies choose something out of the box. This will help to take the child for a while, and simply make it nice by presenting some nice knickknack.

10. Clean toilet

Clean toilet bowl.

Toilet bowl is clearly not included in the list of the most enjoyable things. However, its purity must be monitored. To make cleaning in the bathroom less painful will help a disinfectant that you need to pour into the stand for the brush. So, each subsequent use of it will be equated to a small cleaning and disinfection. Also, a detergent container will work like an air freshener in a bathroom.

11. Window cleaning

Tips for washing windows.

Wind, snow and rain are capable of destroying in an instant all the efforts abandoned in washing windows. To keep the effect of the work done for a long time, cover the windows with a thin layer of water-repellent after washing. Also remember that the best time for washing is the first half of the day, when the sun is still inactive. In the sun, detergents will instantly dry out, leaving behind smudges.

12. Time control

Cleaning by the hour.

Remember how much time you spend on a high-quality full house cleaning. It usually takes at least 2-3 hours. For one day, especially a day off, this is a lot. However, if you spend 20 minutes cleaning every day, you don’t have to squirm with a mop all day. Simply turn on the timer on your phone, select a zone and clean it properly.

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