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Long narrow corridor: design tricks that will help to "expand" the space


The layout of most apartments leaves much to be desired, especially when it comes to corridors. Owners of apartments in which there is a narrow long corridor cannot often think of anything meaningful, therefore they leave this part of the space without any special changes.

But modern designers have found a lot of ways to correct the situation and if they do not physically help to change the geometry of the room, they will visually bring a touch of coziness and special aesthetics.

Design options for a very narrow and long corridor.

Unfortunately, in the planning of most of the apartments narrow long corridors prevail, which helped to create rooms isolated from each other. Therefore? having separate living rooms, the owners lost the comfortable hallway area, where they could organize additional storage systems or at least get aesthetic satisfaction from being in it. Often, it is not possible to change the geometry of such a project, because in most cases corridor walls are the carriers. But this fact does not mean that nothing can be done, because creative designers even found a lot of ways out of this situation, which we will now tell about.

1. Skillful selection of color palette

If you arrange the area in white, you can add contrasting colors in the decor.

Everyone knows the truth that with the help of color you can drastically change the visual perception of any room. After all, if you make a mistake or overdo it, then even the mansion can be turned into a dull kennel. What color to choose as a priority, designer's opinion is divided, the majority believes that only light colors can add living space.

Long areas are best zoned.

Due to the contrast of colors, a narrow corridor having a length of more than three meters can be zoned, creating an entrance zone and a hallway, the so-called entrance hall.

Design of a narrow corridor in bright colors.

If you are a fan of light colors, then you should not choose white color for all areas. It is better to look at different shades of gray, pale pink or blue, olive or lilac, but try to avoid the abundance of warm tones, they can further reduce the volume.

Beige tones in the design of the corridor can be "diluted" with dark facades of doors.

If you do not think of your interior without the ubiquitous and practical (according to most) beige tones, then beat them with contrasting, floor, ceiling or furniture.

The use of wallpaper with a gradient will help to make an interesting and stylish interior.

Variants of a narrow corridor.

Experts recommend to pay special attention to the wallpaper with the gradient, because they are able to bring into the interior of such an impractical part of the apartment a special highlight, and with skillful "highlighting" to create the illusion of spaciousness and airiness. Whatever palette is chosen, the main thing? Remember that the dull monotony in pastel colors negatively affects the mood of the household.

2. The presence of glossy surfaces and mirrors

Mirror surfaces in a narrow corridor design.

As is well known, any reflection is always a good helper in the visual expansion of space. The modern market, as finishing materials, and the furniture industry provides just incredible opportunities for creating the illusion of space and special airiness.

Visual expansion of a narrow space with the help of mirrors.

In the vestibule area, it would be appropriate to look at a large mirror and it will not matter if it is on the wall or on the front of the closet. If there is no space for the cabinet and a large mirror is not possible to hang, then mirror inserts on the interior doors will come to the rescue.

Use glossy surfaces to visually expand the narrow corridor.

Glossy and mirror surfaces will add visual space.

For those who do not accept mirrors on the doors of cabinets, you can replace them with a glossy finish, which is also capable of working wonders. Contrast glossy ceilings and floors, which reflect on each other’s areas create a special atmosphere of depth and spaciousness, look very interesting. It is natural to equip the entire available area with mirror or glossy surfaces, but it will be useful and interesting to experiment.

3. The pronounced texture of finishing materials is a special way of expanding the space.

The use of textured surfaces in the interior of a narrow corridor.

Textured finishing materials look very impressive on any squares, whether it is stylized brick or even masonry, or maybe a variety of gypsum panels. After all, the massive prominent texture is a very powerful diversion that can give a non-standard room a sense of spaciousness.

Ideas for the use of textured wallpaper and decorative plaster tiles in the design of a narrow space.

At the same time, it is not worth puzzling where to find a natural brick, and even more so, they can easily be replaced with decorative panels imitating a particular surface. You can even use wallpaper that creates the illusion of volume of the material, while visually increasing the space itself.

The use of strips and rhombuses in the design of the interior hallway and corridor.

Even the track with the correct pattern will help create the illusion of more space.

Original look vinyl wallpaper with a striped or zigzag pattern located in a horizontal position, especially in the narrowest part of the corridor. For example, if you arrange the flooring pattern perpendicular to the long walls and in addition to glueing the striped wallpaper to the narrow far wall, you will be able to create a very interesting and noticeable visual effect of expansion.

The diagonal arrangement of the floor will also help to expand the space.

But the most winning option is the diagonal pattern, which is able to create the illusion of almost square space even to the narrowest room.

4. Accent - an interesting technique in increasing living space.

Creating an emphasis on the end wall of a narrow and long corridor.

Considering the non-standard geometry and the small area of ​​the corridor, it is necessary to create an accent spot very carefully and correctly, because if you pay attention to the wrong wall, you can get a completely opposite effect. Such a powerful technique to increase the visual space can be created using wallpaper, contrasting colors, textured panels or furniture and mirrors. Here fantasy can play out in any direction, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Accent wall can be organized with the help of interesting lighting.

To improve the shape of a narrow corridor, an interesting option would be to create contrasting walls, using the distribution of accents to different zones, while not concentrating on only one.

Fragmentary use of extraordinary drawings or objects to create an accent wall in a narrow corridor.

Using the slate wall, you can draw an accent spot and give children the opportunity to draw.

So, for example, if you paint long walls in light colors, preferably in cold or neutral colors, then the end faces should be as active and brighter as possible. To do this, suitable wallpaper with a large pattern or decorative textured panels, and preferably warm colors. Such a technique will help bring the short walls closer and extend the long ones, thereby greatly improving the proportions of non-standard space.

5. Light is the best friend for more space and better aesthetics.

Proper lighting narrow corridor.

Even if you managed to choose the darkest tones of the wallpaper or painted all the walls blue, then with the help of light, even such an incident can be corrected. After all, lighting can change the entire interior beyond recognition, you only need to think in detail where and how various light sources will be installed.

Additional lighting narrow corridor.

It is necessary to understand that one chandelier will not be enough so that a constantly dark room (after all, there are no windows in the apartments in the corridors!) Could be cozy and at least visually have volume and sufficient space.

Arranging a narrow hallway.

Look good in the premises of this kind of lighting directional light. According to experts, if the luminous flux is directed to the long walls from the center of the ceiling, then this technique will simply “save” the narrow corridor. For these purposes it is better to use spots. Also look good floor lamps on the sides of the mirror and at the entrance to the apartment.

6. The use of vertical surfaces

Involving the walls of the corridor with the help of paintings and photographs in the framework.

If the corridor has a width of less than a meter, or the same space remains after the installation of storage systems, then the floor space should not be used. Exceptions can be only the placement of the pouf and the shelf (cabinet) for shoes. The rest of the furniture is better to hang on the walls, of course, while not forgetting about the safety of the movement of households.

Narrow space is better not to clutter up with a lot of furniture.

Therefore, when arranging this particular area, it is better to adhere to the principle of minimalism, trying to accommodate only the most necessary, taking into account functionality and maximum practicality. Remember that it depends on how comfortable you will be on a daily basis, especially if there are old people and children in the house, whether you can put on outerwear or shoes without any problems or just put yourself in order.

Closet wardrobe is better to have a narrow end side.

Therefore, if it is possible to equip a dressing room, then install all the storage systems there, and in the corridor arrange a mini-gallery or simply place family photos in frames on a free wall. Also, you can hang art of your child, etc., mass options and you decide that you will be comfortable and joyful.

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