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How to organize comfort around the bed: 13 great ideas for the bedroom


How to organize comfort around the bed: 13 great ideas for the bedroom

Bedroom is a place where you want to relax and forget after a hard day's work.

That is why its interior should be thought out to the smallest detail so as not to cause unnecessary irritation.

We have collected 13 ideas on the arrangement of the bedroom, which will certainly inspire to create something like that.

1. Partition


A partition attached to the foot of the bed is an effective way to create the illusion of privacy in a modern studio apartment. Place a console table behind it, a floor lamp, hang pictures, then the partition will become a harmonious detail of the living room area.

2. Functional headboard

Functional wooden headboard.

The stylish headboard from a natural tree with three niche regiments from above and two built-in bedside tables on each side, will become beautiful and functional detail of a bedroom. The upper shelves are an ideal place to store books, photographs and cute objects of decor, and bedside tables with pull-out cabinets are designed to store the most necessary personal items.

3. Bookshelf

Homemade bookshelf.

If you are a real fan of reading, you cannot do without a bookshelf! In our opinion, such a regiment can be made by hand, even without special skills. Simply connect the two wooden boxes, give them an attractive look and set at the foot of the bed.

4. Table

Tiny round table.

A small wooden table in vintage style can be a worthy alternative to a boring bedside table. Such an idea is perfect for a small female bedroom.

5. Shelving

Small white shelving.

This original shelf at the foot is part of the bed and partition. Using such unusual designs is a great example of zoning a small apartment space.

6. Suspended shelf

Shelf swing.

Fans of unusual ideas will surely like this unusual pendant shelf. It would seem that ordinary piece of wood, hanging on two thick ropes, and yet, the product looks very stylish and original. In our opinion, anyone who wants can make a swing swing, and its universal design will be suitable for the interior of any bedroom.

7. Bottom drawer

Drawer under the bed.

You do not want to clutter up a small bedroom with massive bollards, then choose a bed with built-in drawer cabinets down the sides. These cabinets are always spacious and allow you to always have on hand a lot of things, ranging from bed linen and hygiene products.

8. Minimalist shelves

Wooden headboard with trellised shelves.

A slatted headboard with minimalist bookshelves and two lamps is a great idea for people who like to read before bedtime.

9. Cabinet

Wardrobe around the bed.

A bed located in a niche in the center of a large closet is perhaps the best solution for a small bedroom interior. Such an idea will allow to combine the two most dimensional pieces of furniture in one place.

10. Pet bed

The bed for the dog.

If you have a favorite dog, put a bed at the foot of your bed. So the pet will be able to sleep next to you, but in its place, and not on your bed.

11. Sofa

Cozy homemade sofa.

If the area of ​​your bedroom is large enough and you want to add some kind of zest to the interior, install a small sofa at the foot of the bed. It can be a classic sofa or a pair of designer ottomans, the main thing is that they correspond to the general style of the room.

12. Low pedestals

Stylish low cabinets.

If you want the room to look bigger, choose low furniture. Low pedestals look very unusual and beautiful.

13. Round bedside table

Creative round the bedside table.