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13 effective tips that will make washing easier and at times more efficient


It would seem that it can be difficult to wash?

I put the laundry in the washing machine and go about your business.

However, experienced hostesses will not agree with such statements.

There are many little things and tricks that will keep things safe and sound and clean them from any stains.

1. Bank for trivia

Bank for trivia from the pockets.

Surely you, like many others, carry little “stashes” of change in your pockets. True, we remember them when the coins are already ringing in the drum of the washing machine. In order not to forget about the need to check the pockets before washing, put on the washing machine or near it a small jar for pocket finds. Subsequently, small money from the jar can be spent on travel expenses or small purchases for the house.

2. Alternative stain remover

Dishwashing liquid instead of stain remover.

A stain appeared on your favorite thing, but at hand, as luck would have it, there is no stain remover? Do not despair, in such a situation a dishwashing detergent will help you. According to the information, the method of using the dishwashing detergent is no different from the stain remover: apply to the stain, foam it up, leave it for five minutes and wash the thing. Remember: the fresher the stain, the better the remedy. Also do not forget that such aggressive chemistry should be used carefully on delicate fabrics and bright things.

3. Washing the backpack

How to qualitatively wash the backpack.

Nobody likes hand washing, so whenever possible people try to wash everything in the machine. Fabric bags and backpacks are no exceptions. However, before you place the product in the washing machine drum, familiarize yourself with the key rules. To prevent the product from losing its shape after washing, wash it in a laundry bag. In the compartments of bags a large amount of small garbage often accumulates, so before washing, try to properly poke out or vacuum all the pockets. Wash backpacks and bags need only in delicate mode with a weak spin.

The secret to keeping dark colors.

Everyone knows that over time, dark things lose their rich color. To prevent this from happening, use strong tea or coffee instead of rinse. Despite the unusualness of this advice, two cups of strong drink will keep the perfect black color of products.

5. Bleach

Effective bleach.

According to the information, aspirin, which we often use to combat colds, is also an effective bleach. To do this, grind a few tablets and mix them with the powder. If hand washing is necessary, dilute aspirin in a 1: 1 ratio and soak the dirty item for 5-7 hours. Those who have already tried this method of washing white things, note that the drug with a bang copes with traces of sweat, dullness, as well as old and stubborn stains.

6. Ink stains

Ink stains.

Wiping traces of the handle from clothes is not an easy task. However, experienced housewives know that nothing is impossible. One of the most effective means for removing ink is milk. Liberally moisten a cotton pad in milk and apply to the stain for 30-40 minutes or soak the item completely. After time, wash the thing as usual.

7. Freshener

Freshener for linen.

Over time, an unpleasant smell may appear in the drum of a washing machine, which spreads to washed laundry. If you want your things to remain soft and smell good, prepare a special solution. To do this, mix half a glass of soda, the same vinegar, a cup of water and 10 drops of any essential oil. In the resulting solution, soak a clean sponge and put it in the drum of the washing machine to the rest of the laundry.

8. Laundry bag

Alternative laundry bag.

Special laundry bags are very short-lived and are not sold in every store. We'll tell you a secret. Ordinary pillow case can replace the purchased bags. Even the one you use. Place underwear or socks in it, tie it up with a rope and load it into a typewriter. In the end, you get clean things and a pillowcase.

9. Washing machine loading

Optimum loading of the washing machine.

Never load the washing machine in full. Due to excessive load, the legs of the machine are loosened, and the belts that twist the drum, are becoming unusable. In addition, too dense loading will not give things how to be washed. However, you should not put washing because of two or three things. Too small a lot of things will lead to strong mechanical friction. It is best to fill the drum at 70-80 percent.

10. Inside Out

We turn all things inside out.

If you still erase things face up, then make a big mistake. Experienced housewives before washing always turn the product inside out. This allows you to preserve the color of products, protect the print, as well as hide the buttons and zippers, which during washing can catch on other things.

11. Foil balls

Foil balls for washing.

Surely, you look at the photo and wonder: what is the connection between the foil balls and the wash. It turns out that aluminum copes well with static electricity, which is often present on synthetic things. In addition, the balls create additional friction, which means that clothes are washed better. You can use the balls for about six months, and then replace them with new ones.

12. Marching wash

Wash in the package.

If your machine breaks down or you find yourself in a place where it is simply not there, use a plastic bag. Put in it the things demanding washing, pour some water, add powder. After that, carefully "massage" the package with all its contents. Rinse clothes in the same way or in an open pond.

13. Traces of grass

Traces of grass on clothes.

After a picnic in nature, there may be traces of grass on clothing, which, when dried, turn into hardly removable stains. However, you can cope with them. To do this, place the things for two hours in a small amount of water with salt, and then wash in the usual way.

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