Useful ideas

Delightful ideas that will increase the space in a small apartment


Small-sized apartment - it does not matter if you know how to properly distribute the available space.

In the new review were collected some incredibly practical advice on this matter.

Each of them will make it possible to do better, even the most modest dwelling by area. We look and remember.

1. Proper division of space into functional areas

Competently furnished studio apartment, in which all without excesses.

2. Living room with a bar

A bar counter located in the living room is a great idea for a small apartment.

3. Mirrors in the interior

A large number of mirrors in the bedroom, which allow you to visually expand the space.

4. Shelf partition

The rack between the bedroom and the kitchen, which is used as a partition.

5. Zoning space

Wooden shelving-partition between the bedroom and living room.

6. Vintage staircase to the second floor

Metal vintage staircase in a small apartment.

7. The room in the style of minimalism

Unusual living room in a minimalist style, which is ideal for a modern small apartment.

8. Curtains as a partition

For a small apartment is characterized by the use of curtains as a partition.

9. Living room with a bar

Bright colors in the living room, which visually expand the space.

10. Decorative elements in the interior

Bright decorative elements help to diversify the color scheme of the bedroom interior.

11. Second floor

A bed on the second floor will significantly save space in a small apartment.

12. Zoning a room

Accent sofa as a means of zoning the space of a small apartment.

13. Additional space

The area of ​​a small apartment can be increased by a balcony.

14. Home office on the windowsill

The window sill is equipped as a small but comfortable working area.

15. Shelves and racks

Small wooden shelving installed around the window frame.

16. Soft pastel colors

For small-sized apartment color scheme, plays an important role.

17. Kitchen-studio

Small bright kitchen-studio in the style of minimalism.

18. Bright accents

Decorative elements that have a bright accent stand out against the bright interior of the living room.

19. Two in one

The perfect combination of kitchen and bedroom in one room of a small apartment.

20. Brick wall

Decorative brick wall in a modern one-room apartment interior.