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10 bathroom solutions that fit even small spaces


The bathroom is often stored a large number of things. Bath towels, bathrobes, personal hygiene products, spare cleaning products and many, many other things need to be put somewhere.

And in the confined space of a small room, this is quite difficult to do. A couple of practical tips to help solve this problem with the least loss of free space. They fit any style and any family budget, and the bathroom is successfully transformed from a warehouse into a real zone of relaxation, simplicity and beauty.

1. Shelf above the door

To create a shelf fit chrome grilles, transparent materials or wood.

To store items that no one uses daily, you can equip a compact shelf above the door. You can put there, for example, clean changeable bed linen, bathrobes or a spare terry towel, put a basket with clothes for washing, so that it does not get tangled under your feet.

2. Glass in the design of the bathroom

Transparent shelves do not clutter up the space, making it easier and more comfortable.

In conditions of limited space, the use of transparent materials is one of the best solutions. To fold and place all the necessary bath accessories, you can make in the bathroom a few rather narrow, but rather comfortable shelves of frosted or transparent glass, plastic. The room will look beautiful, but will remain functional.

3. Functional bar trolley

Compact, convenient and mobile.

Carts with open shelves on wheels - exactly what is useful in any bathroom. They are quite roomy, it is convenient to place plastic containers or wicker baskets on them and fill them with useful things. At the right moment they can be moved to another corner of the room. Such carts are often used for bars or in hotels, but their alternative use is very important.

4. Additional storage space

The area above the toilet should not stand idle.

Above the toilet there is enough space to place several open shelves there. They can store basic and spare toilet paper, pet litter, a few towels or detergents. If you pick up successful materials, you can combine fashion and functionality to bring warmth and style to the bathroom space. It is better to place the shelves higher, almost under the ceiling, but it is also possible right above the toilet bowl, for whom it is more convenient.

5. Functionality and refinement

Color can be selected at your discretion: in the shade of a room or a contrast.

Beautiful prefabricated metal shelf - a very interesting and convenient solution for the bathroom. There you can keep everything you need: towels, toilet paper and much more, everything will always be at hand. And if the need for a shelf no longer exists, then it will be easy to disassemble and rearrange it in another room.

6. Door storage rack

Very practical invention for the bathroom, which will appeal to many hostesses.

If there is not enough space on the wall, it's time to move to the door. You can hang on it a wonderful storage system that can hold all the towels and toiletries. On the inside of the bathroom door there will be additional shelves that, if desired, can be removed at any time without harm to the decor.

7. Storage Ladder

Wonderful transformation for the bathroom.

If there is an extra staircase in the house, you don’t even have to think about it, you can turn it into a wonderful system of shelving. To transform an old wooden staircase, you need to hang wire baskets on it for storing toilet paper, air fresheners, or even some kind of beauty, real or artificial plants.

8. Open shelves

Looks neat and beautiful, and still holds a lot of things.

Open shelves will help keep towels and toiletries clean and tidy. Instead of taking the precious space from the floor, it is better to make a built-in cabinet in the bathroom with open shelves - they are comfortable to use and roomy enough.

9. Corner shelves

Shelves in the corner very well use the space of the room.

In order not to look at the dark, heavy-looking bulky shelves, you can decorate the space of the room with the help of a corner shelf. It does not take up much space, but is roomy enough to put everything you need. In one bathroom, you can make even a few such corners of practicality. If you want a closed cabinet, then for the facades it is best to choose a mirror.

10. Shelves with a grid

These shelves are very well suited for storing all sorts of small things.

If you have small children or a lot of small things are stored in the bathroom, shelves with a net will be the best design option. However, closed shelves can cause confusion. To avoid it, you can put small containers, baskets or jars for storing individual items.