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How to place a TV in a room if there is no free space for it


Every object in the house should have its rightful place. But what to do if the entire area of ​​the room is already occupied by a sofa, armchairs, closets and shelves and there is simply no room for a TV?

In this case, the solution of the question is to be approached with a fantasy: to put the equipment on an easel, to build it into furniture, to hang it from the ceiling. And this is not all the original ways to place TV in the interior.

In more detail - in our article.

The wall location of the TV.

To begin with, you should familiarize yourself with a few general rules for placing a TV in a bedroom or living room:

1. Place the "magic box" at a height of at least 1 meter above the floor. Thus, the screen will be at the level of your eyes and other pieces of furniture will not be able to block the view.

2. The distance from the sofa or bed to the TV should be 1.5 meters or more.

3. Refrain from the idea of ​​placing a TV in front of the window - because of the sun glare, the picture on the screen will be blurry and, most likely, you will not see anything. If there is no other option, buy curtains that are impenetrable to light and an electric eaves on the remote control. With the help of such acquisitions, you can easily watch TV and open / close the curtains while sitting on the couch.

Placing the TV in the rack, in combination with books and decorative elements.

How to arrange TV in the room?

Now go directly to the placement of equipment. A few years ago, people firmly believed that the TV has only 2 possible ways of positioning: a wall and a pedestal. Today, designers approach the solution of this problem more creatively, offering original methods for designing a TV-zone. But first, still think about the classics.

1. On the wall and on the cabinet

If the room has a place, you can buy a special TV stand.

2. On the ceiling

TV on the ceiling looks original and saves space in the room.

Boldly? May be. But you will save a lot of useful square meters and free up walls for shelves, paintings and other decorative and functional elements. Placement of TV on the ceiling is carried out with the help of special brackets with electric, holding equipment. Cables and wires can be hidden behind a stretch or false ceiling. For convenience, there is a remote control.

This arrangement does not allow you to create a TV zone, but the "magic box" can be easily applied to the zoning of the room, if you are the owner of a single apartment or a studio apartment.

By the way, the brackets are not the only way to fix the TV on the ceiling. The most courageous and creative designers offer another, more unusual option - chains or ropes. Of course, such a solution is not suitable for every interior. However, in a brutal apartment in the loft style will look very organic.

TV placement in the interior in the style of a loft.

3. On the rack

The TV, built into the rack, merges with the overall concept.

If you want to make the TV part of the interior, think about the option of placing on the rack. This solution will be ideal if you have a lot of open furniture in your apartment. In this case, you need to choose a model that can fit into the overall design, adjust to the color and texture of the wall or, if desired, look like a picture.

4. On the swivel mechanism

TV on the swivel mechanism for the bedroom and living room at the same time.

This option is ideal for a one-room apartment. Designers propose to put a partition between the bedroom and living room area and install a TV there. The main highlight - swivel stand. At any second you can turn the TV to the bed or to the sofa, depending on where you will be at that moment.

5. On the mirror wall

The location of the TV on the mirror wall will add room ease.

Another non-trivial solution is to install the TV in a mirror panel or place it on a mirror wall. This option has many advantages. Firstly, the geometric panel visually increases the available space, makes it bright and spacious, and secondly, it is an excellent decor item, which is a highlight of the interior. And, thirdly, TV, in the off state, will merge with the overall picture, as it will become a mirror.

6. On the easel

The original way of placing the TV on the easel.

If you are a creative person and you like everything unusual, then you can apply the installation principle of the "magic box" on the easel. Thus, the TV will not spoil the environment and perfectly fit into the interior. Plus, you will avoid the visual load of space.

By the way, if the classic easel does not suit you, you can turn to the technique from the Swedish designer Axel Bjurstrom. In a man, TV evokes an association with the artist's canvas, so he creates TV stands, which visually resemble traditional easels. Such models can be found in any stores. Functionality and appearance to fit your requirements.

Mobile stand-easel for the TV will fit into any interior.

The devices are mobile - with the help of wheels you can move them to any room. The angle and height are also adjustable.

7. In furniture with sliding mechanism

TV placed in furniture with a sliding mechanism can appear and disappear at any time convenient for you.

Visually unload the interior and preserve the purity of the style of the interior will be able to TV, mounted in a piece of furniture, with a sliding mechanism. The principle of operation is simple: the TV is built into a special elevator, which is hidden in the cabinet. That is, when you want to enjoy another movie masterpiece, you just have to press a button on the remote and the “magic box” will effectively rise from the drawer. There is also the opposite effect - TV is also easily and silently hidden in a niche when it is not necessary, and turns into an ordinary piece of furniture.


Above, we talked about how you can make the TV "the highlight of the program" and highlight it in the interior. If you, on the contrary, want to hide the TV from prying eyes, ensuring competent interaction with other pieces of furniture, use one of the following options.

1. In a modular wall

Elements of a modular wall will distract attention from the TV, making it less noticeable.

If you place the TV in the center of the furniture composition, for example, in a modular wall, it will harmoniously fit into the overall concept, and will not stand out against the background of other details. In addition, the elements of decor will be able to divert attention from the TV.

2. Behind the picture

Two parts of the picture will close the TV when it is not needed by the owners and guests of the apartment.

This method is one of the easiest. To significantly facilitate the task, you can install a special device above the TV, which, if necessary, will lower or raise the picture.

3. In the wall

TV can be hidden behind the wall, if you first make a deep niche.

If you have thick walls, you can create a special niche for the TV behind them. It should be as deep as possible to easily place the equipment. When you want to hide the TV, just close the niche with the wall and voila - the “magic box” didn’t happen!

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