Useful ideas

17 basic solutions to everyday problems that will get rid of the annoying routine


Often we do all sorts of stuff without thinking, out of habit: we open banks and clean tangerines in a way familiar from childhood.

But no, no, yes, a thought flashes: how to make everyday life easier and faster, without even staining your hands and breaking your nails.

Such life hacking to the genius are simple, and for their realization we need objects that must be idle at home.

1. Open the key ring

The anti-stapler will open the key rings.

Anti-stapler will be a real savior for lovers of beautiful manicure - no more broken nails and scratched varnish in an attempt to add a new key to the bundle. It is also so easy and fast.

2. Effortlessly open blister packs

The can opener can easily cut through hard plastic.

Open the blister without risking to break the scissors - really, if you do it with a can opener with a blade wheel. She copes with hard plastic edges surprisingly well.

3. Peel pistachios

Pistachios, give up!

Not fully opened pistachios - those still strong nuts. Take care of your fingers - it is better to open the nut with a half of the shell, acting like a lever. As soon as the task is completed, new assistants are already at hand.

4. Prevent combing insect bites

Scotch is useful not only for sticking boxes.

A piece of scotch taped on the bite will help to relieve the itch It will limit access to oxygen and help you forget about wanting to scratch an inflamed place.

5. Remove the kiwi with a spoon

Peel kiwi with a teaspoon.

It is easy to release the flesh of ripe kiwi from a shaggy skin with a teaspoon, slightly cutting off the top - this is done much faster than peeling the fruit with a knife.

6. Drill clean

Sticker in the right place will save from cleaning.

Mandarin cleaned quickly and cleanly.

Who didn't want the mandarin or orange to be peeled for it? But there is another way to enjoy the orange citrus, without messing up your hands. It is enough to cut off the peel from above and below, then make a shallow longitudinal incision and break the ring - the slices will remain neatly lying on a strip of peel. It remains only to take and eat them.

8. Open a jar with a stationery eraser.

It's all about the clutch.

Instead of a towel, it is worth wrapping the unyielding cover of an ordinary stationery gum - it will help to create a good grip with your hands and quickly get to your favorite pickles.

9. Squeeze lemon with tongs.

Squeeze the lemon without wetting your hands.

If you don’t have at least a juicer cup, the extraction of lemon juice becomes a challenge - most of the product is poured into your hands, not into the dish. If parallel skin whitening and strengthening of nails with lemon juice is not included in your plans, try to squeeze half a lemon by holding it in kitchen tongs. The deed is done, and the hands are clean and dry.

10. Easy to remove stickers from surfaces.

You can forget about the annoying remnants of stickers.

Everyone is familiar with the feeling of frustration, when the sticker has already been almost completely peeled off, but the recalcitrant corner has ruined the whole thing, and now it is necessary to use the nails, or even the knife. But if you first blow the sticker on the sticker, the glue will heat up and it will be removed without a trace. This life hack is so relevant that it was mentioned even in children's cartoons.

11. Fix the plaster on the finger, so that it does not slide off

Two cuts - and the patch will not fly off.

Wrapping a plaster around yourself is not the best idea: such a ring tries to slide from a finger. A good technique is to cut the ends of the plaster in half and fasten them crosswise - so it will be comfortable and secure to sit on your finger.

12. Hang a shirt without a hanger, without mashing it

Look for a loop, and the shirt will not be denied.

In the absence of "shoulders," many tend to hang the shirt by the collar, but after that it will be hopelessly wrinkled. It is worth checking whether she has an eyelet at the junction of the coquette with the back - if so, it is better to use it.

13. Dip cookies into the milk without getting your fingers wet

And eat cookies, and do not climb into the milk!

Many people like to dip crispy pastry filled with milk, but how to make it whole and clean? It is enough to stick a fork into the middle of a sweet sandwich and plunge into gastronomic bliss.

14. Garbage collection in the car

Let the garbage be only in one place.

In order to no longer stumble upon garbage “treasures” like used napkins and paper handkerchiefs in the door compartment or a bag with a darkened apple core, when cleaning the car, use the cereal container as a portable trash can.

15. Properly hold a wine glass

The only sure way to keep a glass of wine.

In order for the wine to remain pleasantly cool longer, it is better to hold the glass by the foot - it is for this reason that it is made so long in the wine glasses. In addition, there will not be fingerprints on the glass, which can prevent you from making the perfect food photo for Instagram.

16. Cut several cherry tomatoes

One movement with a knife instead of a dozen.

Cherry tomatoes are so good in salads or canapes, but cutting them on an industrial scale is some kind of torture. You can deal with them at once by placing them between two plates or plastic covers, fixing them securely and making one cut. Voila, bon appetti!

17. Easy to clean candlesticks from wax

Culinary spray is useful for candlesticks.

It is a thankless task to clean candle holders from stains of stiffened wax. But if you pre-sprinkle the candlestick with a non-stick spray or oil, after the candle burns out, the wax can be removed with one hand movement.