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New balcony life: original repair ideas


In the spring, most people take ice skates and skates from the balcony, and pull the clothesline to dry things. And this instead of drinking tea there surrounded by friends, organizing holidays with a view of the city, reading your favorite books in a cozy atmosphere.

In fact, a balcony can become anything: a bedroom, a home office, a dressing room or just a place to relax.

The only thing you need to complete these plans is a little imagination, desire, free time and our advice.

1. Bedroom

Cozy bedroom, equipped on the balcony.

An unexpected, but quite interesting decision. Firstly, sleeping in the fresh air is good for health, and, secondly, it's such a romance! Enjoy the stars in the arms of a loved one ... What could be better? And if you have very little free space in your apartment, then the bedroom on the balcony is also a functional solution that will help save valuable free meters.

Original children's room on the balcony.

If you decide to take this step, the first thing you have to think about is insulation. Even in the summer it can be cool on the balcony, so you need to make sure that you are warm: install plastic windows, warm the walls, ceiling and floor. Need to prepare for the fact that the repair will be expensive, but the result is worth it. The main problem that you will encounter in the process of re-equipment of the balcony is the loss of free space, because the insulation always keeps within from the inside. An alternative option may be polymeric materials in rolls coated with aluminum foil. They are much thinner than their counterparts, but their thermal insulation properties are no worse. After installation, heat insulation can be closed with any finishing materials to your taste.

Stylish bar with all the necessary elements for a party.

If you are an avid party-goer and a party lover both in neutral territory and at home, then a bar on the balcony would be an excellent option for you. Its area, unfortunately, will not allow to establish a full-fledged table, but it is quite possible to make a bar counter from a window sill. After that, put a few chairs on the balcony and voila - you are ready for a cocktail party overlooking the lights of the big city.

Comfortable bar counter from the window sill.

For interior design, you will need to buy glossy wall panels and LED tape. You can also hang a disco ball - then the atmosphere will definitely be unforgettable.

3. Library

If the balcony is large enough, you can equip it with a full bookcase.

For avid book readers, literature occupies a huge place in the apartment and is literally everywhere: on shelves, racks, pedestals, and a table near the bed. Of course, the library would be an ideal option, but, alas, in modern apartments there is not enough space even for a bathroom of normal size, not to mention a storage room for books. And here comes to the aid of a balcony. Even if all your favorite works are in electronic format, you still want to have a cozy place in the house where you can immerse yourself in a new story with the participation of your favorite characters, under a cup of hot coffee.

On the balcony you can place a cozy corner for reading.

The only problem that may arise during the arrangement - lighting. Of course, it would be possible to read only during the day, but what is the pleasure in it, if the desire to take a book in hand appears mainly in the evening?

Designers in this case are advised to make two-level lighting: place built-in lamps on the ceiling, and small sconces on the walls. So you will be able to create a concentrated light in the place where the magic of reading will occur. As for the shelves for books, they can be created with your own hands. Or to place an open rack on the balcony. It will take a little more space, but it will be much more spacious and functional.

4. Sports hall

The number of simulators placed in the gym depends on the size of the balcony.

A good option for people who prefer an active lifestyle. The balcony area, of course, is not enough for the location of a large number of simulators, but the Swedish wall, a few dumbbells and a yoga mat fit perfectly. Doing exercises, meeting the dawn - a great start to the day, is not it?

So that you can fully engage in sports, you will need to lay a warm floor. Due to the fact that the heater cannot be left on the balcony at night, as well as pipes, you will need to install a heated floor cable with a base made of heating mat. After you provide insulation and lay the heating element in the screed layer, you can cover the structure with any floor covering and carpet.

5. Workshop

Art workshop for a child on the balcony.

The balcony is always distinguished by good lighting and a certain isolation from the main area of ​​the apartment. Therefore, if you need a lonely place for creativity, then this room will be an excellent option for your favorite hobby.

When you decorate a room, think first of all not about beauty, but about functionality, because in the workshop every thing should be in place. You can equip ready-made shelves and purchase special storage containers: transparent containers, small wicker baskets, jewelry boxes, and so on.

Take care of the availability of convenient storage systems in the workshop.

Or you can independently build a practical shelf-ladder. It will take a bit of space, but it will be possible to place a large number of parts and tools you need on it.

6. Home office

If there is no window sill on the balcony, a small table can become the main workplace.

If on duty you often have to take work at home, or you are engaged in freelancing, the arrangement of the workplace in the apartment - one of the priorities. Balcony is the perfect option for the office. The desktop can be made from a wide window sill, next to a comfortable soft chair or chair, and close to place a closet with the necessary documents. Such an environment will help to focus and immerse yourself in a working rhythm, because no one will distract and disturb you.

Light shades in the design of the balcony will help to expand the space and make the room more visually.

In order for the balcony to become a full-fledged home office and could serve faithfully at any time of the year, think about the weatherability (the tips are described above), pick up comfortable furniture, and make sure that the light falls at the right angle and does not blind the eyes. It is best to immediately purchase blinds and a desk lamp. Do not try to make the office something pompous. Better choose a concise, strict interior, which will not allow you to be distracted from work.