Useful ideas

Brilliant ways to apply ordinary things differently.


We are surrounded by hundreds of items that can be used much more widely than we are used to.

This article has gathered several unexpected ways, how else can ordinary things be applied.

Just see how it makes life easier!

Shower cap saves the bike seat from the rain

This is familiar to everyone: left the bike on the street, it suddenly started to rain, and the whole seat was wet. Therefore, if you are going somewhere on a bicycle, bring a shower cap with you. She can cover the seat after the rain.

Will help save watermelon

We seldom eat watermelon in one day, and we have to put it in the fridge. And it seems that nothing more convenient than a shower cap to cover it has been invented yet.

Will not dirty the hallway once again

Pull the shower caps onto the wheels of the stroller or children's bike before putting them into the room - and there will be much less cleaning.

And pack your shoes

On a trip or just in the closet shoes will not smudge all around, if you put it in a shower cap. This is often more convenient than regular packages.

Micellar water returns white to old sneakers

The soles of the shoe darkened from the dirt, and the sneakers themselves can be easily cleaned with micellar water.

Will help remove stains from cosmetics

Before you wash the thing with traces of lipstick, mascara or foundation, blot the stain with a cotton pad moistened with micellar water, and then wash it. So the stain is easier to move away.

You can make a cooling element for a cooler bag from a sponge

This method is very convenient for a picnic. The night before, put a few wet sponges in different bags and seal them well. Put the bags in the freezer overnight. In the morning, put the food you want to keep cold in the sponge bags.

Make a pedicure easier

When we paint toenails, fingers can touch each other while drying, and lacquer can be smeared. This is terribly annoying! To isolate fingers from each other, cut a sponge and insert between them.

Extend the freshness of vegetables

In the refrigerator, in the department for fruits and vegetables, there is always excess moisture. Because of her, vegetables lose their freshness faster, fruits can spoil. This can be avoided if you put in a new sponge for dishes: it will absorb excess moisture. Just do not forget to squeeze it in time, and then replace it.

Make a super economical soap dish

Make a soap dish of a sponge, cutting a recess in it. Well, or just put the soap on a sponge - so it will be spent much more economically.

Stationery gum will help open the tight cover

If you wind the gum on the lid, it will be much easier for you to open the vial of lacquer and any other can.

Keep the book in your bag

The corners of notebooks or paperbacks lose their appearance when carried in a bag. To avoid this, use the rubber band as shown in this photo.

Make a car navigator out of the phone

If there is no navigator in the car, but you have it on your phone - you know what to do.

Get into the pants

This feature is useful for pregnant women and all those who have become small pants. Hook the button on the pants with a rubber band; pass the other end through the button incision.

Laundry conditioner can easily remove old wallpaper

To make the wallpaper easier to tear off the wall, dilute the conditioner cap in 1 liter of water and apply the mixture with a sponge or cloth to the walls. Let it work for 20 minutes and then just clear the walls.

And remove the wool from the carpet

If you spray a carpet with a diluted in water conditioner for laundry in a 1: 1 ratio, it will be easier to clean it from animal hair and hair.