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20 ways of gardening apartments that will create a special microclimate


There are many ways to make your home better.

One of the most popular, and at the same time effective, is to add greenery to the house.

Of course, it is necessary to approach the question wisely and sensibly. You can’t just take it and force it into flowers, but cacti. As you can see in the review below.

1. Vertical gardening in the apartment

Today, almost everyone can afford to do vertical gardening in a small apartment with their own hands.

2. Gold plated pots

Forged metal pots for pots that will look great in the bright interior of the living room.

3. Wooden staircase - stand for flower pots

An old wooden staircase can be an excellent stand for flowers and plants that will improve the microclimate of any room.

4. Tin pots

Unusual flower pots that can be made from ordinary tin cans.

5. A small tower of flower pots

Flower pots, interconnected with rebar, will free the windowsills and other horizontal surfaces from the greenery.

6. Hanging mini-terrariums

A creative way to decorate a small apartment with glass beads in which small plants are planted.

7. Table service in the interior

Old dishes can be used as grounds for pots, which will achieve many positive effects.

8. A great example of practical gardening.

Wooden boards with jars-pots for small herbs and plants that can be safely grown in the kitchen.

9. Pot covered with textile fabric

Flower and plant pots covered with products made from flexible fibers and threads.

10. Suspended rack

It is very convenient to grow indoor plants and flowers on a small vertical hanging rack.

11. The traditional arrangement of indoor flowers

Small flower pots with indoor plants that will look great on the windowsill in any room.

12. Metal frame

Metal frame for several decorative pots.

13. Interior of the living room in ecostyle

Vertical gardening of the wall will perfectly complement the interior of the living room in ecostyle.

14. Artificial plants

Artificial bonsai, which will become a real decoration and will give the interior of the kitchen beauty and harmony.

15. Glass-shaped pots

Small glass pots in the form of glasses, which will be effective decorations in the interior.

16. Modern stabilized moss

An unusual lamp that is completely covered with stabilized moss.

17. Flowering wall

Modern vertical mini-garden, which consists of a metal structure and several small pots with plants.

18. Mini-terrarium in the glass sphere

The original terrarium in the round sphere, which will allow to decorate and refresh the interior of the room.

19. Flower arrangement

Modern model pots, from which you can independently make an unusual flower arrangement.

20. Vertical design for wall landscaping

Invisible vertical design for growing flowers and plants.