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17 witty household tricks that at least once in life, so come in handy


17 witty household tricks that at least once in life, so come in handy

As practice shows, useful "life" tips no, no, yes, and they will come in handy.

How to optimize the place to the apartment or to enhance the sound of music in the smartphone - about these and other useful life hacking further in the review.

1. Cleaning Tools

Tiny tools for cleaning the frame.

The window frames usually accumulate a lot of dust and debris, which have to be washed for a long time, repeatedly changing the water. To speed up the cleaning process, make a kind of scoop out of foil and sweep dust into it with a small paint brush. This way you can sweep away most of the dust.

2. Dust protection

Protection against dust in the process of drilling walls.

Attach a paper sheet or envelope to the wall if you need to replace the socket or drill a hole in the wall. As a result, dust and debris will be on paper, and the floor and walls will remain as clean as possible.

3. Clean hands

There are snacks with chopsticks.

Fans to enjoy snacks at the computer or in front of the TV know that there is fat and seasonings on the fingers, which will later end up on the remote control or keyboard. To eat and not get your hands dirty, use Chinese sticks. It looks strange from the outside, but it's really very convenient.

4. Reduce cut-out.

Reduce the neckline on the dress.

If the neckline on a dress or sweater seems too frank, and there is no pin at hand, use the studs from your own ears.

5. Crispy flakes

Tricky recipe for cereal with milk.

Put a piece of ice in a bowl of cereal. This trick will cool the milk, and the cornflakes will not be sodden and remain tasty and crispy.

6. Lens container

Alternative use of containers for lenses.

The lens container is a surprisingly versatile item. If you often paint eyelashes and eyebrows at home, use containers for mixing paint. Also in such cells it is convenient to mix cosmetics. If you are going on a short trip and do not want to take the whole cosmetic bag with you, fill the cells of the container with the necessary cosmetics.

7. Holders for covers

Hooks for covers.

Attach the hooks to the doors of the kitchen cabinets and store lids from pots and pans there. This trick will allow you to turn the door from useless decorative parts into functional storage systems.

8. Headphone marking

Headphone marking.

Use rubber bands of different colors to always quickly and accurately determine where the right and where the left earpiece. If your headphones do not have rubber bands, make small, but bright nail polish marks on the wires.

9. Amplifier dynamics

Amplifier speaker smartphone.

If on the road you have broken radio, turn on the radio or music on your phone. And in order to enhance the sound of its dynamics, make a simple amplifier from a regular cardboard cup. Of course, such a speaker can not be compared with full-fledged musical speakers, but it is still better than going in silence.

10. Clothes hook

Homemade coat hook.

If there is no coat hook in the toilet stall, you can do it yourself in one minute. To do this, you will need your keys, the flattest of which should be placed in any hole.

11. Cable fixing

Fixing the charging cable.

If you are tired of the fact that the charger cable at the slightest body movement falls out of the charging slot, use the Velcro. One part should be glued near the plug of the charger, and the other directly around the socket.

12. Delicious popcorn

Add butter to popcorn.

If you want to add butter or syrup to popcorn, use a straw. This trick will allow the fluid to reach the very middle.

13. Simple savings

Plastic packaging.

If a ketchup or mayonnaise packed in a plastic bottle is suddenly over, cut the container. You will see that on its walls there is still a lot of product that simply does not squeeze out. The same goes for shampoos and shower gels.

14. Ironing

Express ironing in two minutes.

Using a hair straightener, you can quickly and very easily stroke a collar, cuffs and other small areas of clothing. This process takes just a few minutes.

15. Lengthening the curtains

Extension of the curtain for the bath.

Was the bath curtain a little shorter than you planned? Do not be discouraged, in this situation you will be rescued by an additional row of rings. Attach one additional ring to each main ring and the curtain will drop 3-4 centimeters.

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16. Hook

Homemade hook for pictures.

Use tin can key rings to hang a picture or any other object on the wall.

17. Traces of deodorant

Traces of deodorant on clothes.

Fresh traces of deodorant, easily cleaned with a nylon stocking or sock. The main condition is that the sock should be clean. Twist the nylon product into a ball and rub the contaminated areas well.

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