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How to zone odnushku to expand its capabilities


Owners of small apartments, where one room serves as a bedroom, and a living room, and a nursery, you will not envy.

However, if you know some zoning rules and successfully apply them in practice, you can arrange the room in such a way that it will seem large and spacious to you.

Read how to do this in the article.

Space zoning with color and lighting

Different wallpapers designate different zones.

For small apartments, it is best to use light shades that visually increase the space. But in the case of zoning, other colors will do. So, with the help of paint or wallpaper, you can place accents in the room, indicate the location of the sofa or bed. This simple method will help the eye to perceive the selected places as separate zones.

The same situation is with floor coverings. In the "bedroom" you can use tiles, and in the "living room" - parquet. They can be both the same color and different, depending on the design of the room.

Choose a floor covering suitable for the interior.

You can also divide the room into different shades - in the bedroom area to use a light color scheme, and where you are going to receive guests - dark. Please note that the color of the ceiling should be slightly lighter than the walls. So it will seem higher and the apartment will become less cramped.

Dark furniture is perfect for the living room, and light - for the bedroom.

You can call for help lighting. The best solution would be the lamps, which will not be visible to prying eyes. This approach will help make housing more light and spacious.

Spotlights will perfectly illuminate the room, but will not attract undue attention.

The above "imaginary" boundaries, set with the help of colors and lamps, play a very large role in the feeling of comfort and coziness. But it is still better to divide the room into zones with the help of tangible objects.

Zoning a room with furniture

The rack is an interesting option for zoning.

The most popular option for zoning a one-room apartment is furniture — in any case, you need to buy it and place it in a room, so no additional financial investment is required to divide the room into several zones. The main thing is to properly install the pieces of furniture so that you can comfortably move around the room. Otherwise, it will be the usual jumble, not zoning.

To solve the problem, use multifunctional folding furniture. A good option - folding desk. When you do not use it for its intended purpose, it can be used as a shelf.

A wardrobe with a table will designate a working area.

Separate the bedroom from the living room will help rack with books. It can be open to easily let the sun through, or partially closed with attractive drawers or doors. Choose a model that fits your interior.

An open rack will let the street light into the room.

Also for zoning fit folding sofa, which can act as a sleeping place, and an area for recreation, reception. The original divider will make the headboard. It is a classic partition, but is mounted directly to the furniture. Dimensions can be chosen at your discretion: to the ceiling, or half. On the other hand, such backrest can accommodate drawers for clothes and other things.

Multi-functional headboard is also suitable for zoning and storage.

Bedroom zoning

Speaking of the bedroom: since it is of paramount importance, then its design should be approached with all the responsibility.

Previously, if several people spent the night in the same room, the zoning function was performed by a canopy, which was invented specifically for this purpose.

The canopy will hide the bed from prying eyes.

But in the 21st century, when there are many different technologies, the issue can be solved more creatively. For example, if the room has high ceilings, then you can arrange the second tier and place a bed there. This option is very profitable, because, firstly, you get your personal space that no one will see from the "first floor", and, secondly, valuable square meters will be freed up. Under the bed, you can arrange an office, dressing room, children's room, arrange a cozy place to relax with two chairs and a small coffee table. In general, everything your heart desires.

If you place the bed on the second, then free up a lot of space on the main square.

Another popular solution is the podium. This device itself is a great way to separate the bedroom from the common room and lift it above the living room and work area. But if you do not have enough of your own space and want even more privacy, place a shelving unit or a partition on the side of the podium.

The podium will highlight the sleeping area.

Using partition walls for zoning

The most popular are plasterboard partitions.

Before you select and install a partition, think about what function it should perform. Just create a room in a room or has soundproofing properties? Or maybe you want to install a thick partition to prevent foreign smells from the kitchen or dining room from getting into the bedroom? Once you decide on the goal, you can stop at a specific model.

Transparent sliding partition harmoniously fit into any interior.

For example, sliding screens or mobile options are mobile and compact. Depending on your requirements, they can be moved or completely removed. But the curtain partitions will help to hide the bed from prying eyes, for example, if it is in a niche.

The screen can be rearranged at any time.

Glass and mirror partitions will protect from extraneous sounds, make the room easier, more airy, and will become an excellent decorative element. But, with all their advantages, they will not be able to provide privacy. However, this problem can be easily solved with curtains or blinds.

Glass screens will make the space light and airy.

Objects zoning also act potted flowers, curtains, decorative items. The main thing is to know how to use them and then even a small apartment will become spacious, comfortable and will sparkle with new colors.

Flowers located on a high pedestal can also take part in zoning a room.