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17 options to help solve the perennial issue with the lack of space in the house


17 options to help solve the perennial issue with the lack of space in the house

Owners of small apartments know firsthand how to equip their coziness in cramped conditions.

On a tiny square you need to put all the furniture and more.

These 17 options will help solve the perennial issue with the lack of space in the house.

1. Extra locker

Table with a sliding locker.

In the past, tables with sliding lockers were very popular, and then went into oblivion and very vain. An additional locker allows you to store cutlery and dishes in close proximity to the dining area.

2. Bench with a secret

Functional bench.

Are you the owner of a small modern apartment with a narrow corridor? Then we are in a hurry to inform you that this bench is for you. This piece of furniture consists of two parts: one open with shelves, the other closed. Throwing back the cushioned seat you will find a spacious drawer for storing shoes, bags or hats.

3. Bench transformer

Multifunctional transforming bench.

This simple, at first glance, bench - a real find for the summer resident. If necessary, it can be easily turned into a fairly large table.

4. Dresser table

Chest of drawers with movable table top.

A chest of drawers, the uniqueness of which lies in the movable table top, which in two accounts turns it into a desk.

5. Ladder

Foldable staircase.

Folding stairs look less attractive than stationary stairs, but when it comes to saving space, you need to sacrifice something.

6. Kit

Cute set of table and stools.

A charming set of furniture, which consists of a low square table and four stools with lifting seats and spacious storage boxes.

7. Coffee table

Coffee table with plenty of lockers.

Multifunctional coffee table with an abundance of cells and cabinets, which can be rebuilt at its discretion. However, its main advantage, in our opinion, is a lifting worktop, which serves as a support for a laptop.

8. Cabinet behind the mirror

Floor mirror with a secret.

A floor mirror behind which lies a narrow, but rather roomy cabinet for decorations, belts and various small trinkets.

9. Folding table

Folding table-locker.

A bright wall cabinet with a hinged lid that easily turns into a table is the best solution for a small apartment.

10. Folding shelves

Construction with folding shelves.

Compact design with two shelves, which when folded almost invisible, and in the open - can be used to store books.

11. Foldable shelf

Original bookshelf.

The original design of this shelf will protect your books from dust and light, and also allow you to hide some small things from prying eyes.

12. Poof organizer

Organizer for shoes inside the pouf.

A large round pouf with a roomy organizer for shoes inside allows you to clean up the shoes and get rid of a lot of cardboard boxes.

13. Modular sofas

A set of modular sofas.

Two bright soft sofas that can be connected and get a full big bed. A set of such furniture will be very useful in case of the arrival of guests or the arrival of relatives.

14. Table and chairs

Set of table and chairs.

The original set of a small round table and four chairs, which are put together, representing something like an installation.

15. Hanger

Unusual hanger.

We are ready to bet that this is the most original coat hanger you have ever seen. When folded, it is a vertical rail with your photos, one part is separated, exposing the space for hangers with clothes. With the help of such a thing, you can organize a mini dressing room right on your wall.

16. Transforming chair

Transforming chair.

An amazing chair that can be turned into a couple of bills in a pair of poufs with a table will be a real boon for lovers of functional comfort.

17. Armchair with shelves

Armchair with shelves for books.

An ascetic wooden chair with small shelves for books in the lower part will become a stylish part of the house and help solve the issue of storing literature.