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15 charming solutions for decorating tiny kitchens and bathrooms


It's no secret that the majority of our compatriots live in Khrushchev, square meters of which are quite limited. The kitchens and bathrooms there are very tiny.

Many owners say with bitterness that because of the small space they cannot arrange these rooms as they like.

However, we picked up several options that will inspire to create something like this.

1. Gloss

White glossy kitchen.

A small but very stylish kitchen, only 6 squares in size with an L-shaped snow-white glossy suite, suspended ceiling and a magnificent black and white floor.

2. Heavenly shades

Bathroom in blue tones.

Charming bathroom in white and blue tones with a combined wall decoration, a spacious custom-made cabinet and a narrow bathroom hidden behind a mosaic screen.

3. Brilliant solution

Ergonomic folding table.

In our opinion, the interior of a small kitchen can not do without modern tricks. One of such can be a wall cabinet, the door of which turns into a table.

4. Spaciousness

The interior is a tiny adjacent bathroom.

A great example of arranging a stylish adjacent bathroom, in which, despite the very modest footage, there was a place for the corner shower, for the toilet, and for the washing machine. But the main highlight of this space, in our opinion, was a wooden bollard under the elegant overhead sink.

5. Cover Interior

Excellent style of a small bathroom.

Who said that a small bathroom can not be amazing? This interior completely refutes this statement. Gray panels on the walls, a wide strip of small black tiles, well-chosen compact bathtub, white cabinets and modern plumbing make this room elegant and very attractive.

6. The magic of white

The magic of white.

As you know, light shades are simply created for the decoration of the walls of a small Khrushchev. Moreover, modern materials are perfectly washable, and therefore can be used in such areas as the kitchen and toilet.

7. Cozy bathroom

Bathroom with wood decoration.

A wonderful bathroom, whose walls are paneled, stylized wood, modern corner booth, as well as hinged bathroom fixtures, allowing great save space.

8. In black and white

Black and white apron in the kitchen.

Another example of the delightful interior of a small kitchen in Khrushchev. In it, white walls and a suite are harmoniously combined with black and white tiles that adorn the floor and apron. Special attention is given to the dining area, represented by a small round table with a wooden tabletop and a pair of transparent stools.

9. Orange - hit season

Cheerful bathroom with orange floor.

Bright colors will bring brightness and dynamics to a small room, but in order not to overload the interior, they should be used with caution. For example, use orange tiles to finish the floor, and also add a little color to the snow-white walls.

10. Red Poppy

Stylish red and white kitchen.

A small, but no less stylish kitchen with a spectacular red and white suite and images of three poppies above the stove in the apron area.

11. The magic of the tree

Details of light wood.

Stunning interior of the bathroom, made in warm shades, the highlight of which were light wood cabinets, a niche with soft lighting and a large mirror.

12. Unexpected decisions

Interesting interior of a small bath.

Quite an interesting look at the small adjacent bathroom in the Khrushchev, the main details of which was a beautiful corner bath and a wall-mounted washbasin.

13. Stylish asymmetry

Kitchen with asymmetrical set.

Delightful kitchen design with an unusual set with an asymmetrical worktop, smoothly flowing into the table, and a combination of wallpaper on the walls.

14. Neon

Bright detail in the interior of the bathroom.

Stylish and very dynamic space in which it was possible to combine the calm neutrality of white color with the vivacity of neon green. Separate attention deserves a bath connected to a shower stall.

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15. Brightness and dynamics

Kitchen with bright details.

The bright family kitchen with a salad set, a large window, an original apron and a large dining table in the center is a great example of a non-standard approach to the design of a small homemade food unit.

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