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Bed in a niche: all the pros and cons of organizing an intimate atmosphere in small squares


Each of us wants to create a particular style in our own apartment, and, the smaller the housing area, the greater the desire to show individuality.

In such cases, the organization of an intimate bed in a niche is a real find and helps to make the apartment even more functional.

But not everything is as simple as it seems, because even in this version there are pros and cons, in which we will try to figure it out.

Original options for the organization of a berth in a niche.

A bed built into a niche is the perfect solution for creating special comfort and privacy. Indeed, in most of our apartments it is impossible to provide each family member with an individual recreation area. Even if only one person lives in a one-room apartment, he, too, will not refuse to have the most secluded sleeping area. Therefore, many strive to surround themselves with comfort in their own home, creating a unique style that in any case will look very original. The main thing is not to forget to take into account all the pros and cons of such an organization of space and to be sure that the sleeping place should be not only comfortable, but also safe.

The niche for the sleeping area can be organized from furniture systems.

Thanks to the possibilities of the construction industry and the furniture industry, modern man has enormous opportunities for organizing a berth in a niche, and for the most rational use of all available space in this area.

Sleeping place on the podium in the studio apartment.

Before deciding to design such a bed exactly this way, you need to think about what radical zoning can bring to the interior of your apartment.

A bed hidden in a niche is ideal to use all available space.

The main advantages of a secluded corner:

- visual room zoning;
- the possibility of organizing a secluded space thanks to the niche walls;
- it becomes possible to create additional storage areas;
- the most rational use of existing residential areas;
- placement of necessary things and objects in reach of the extended hand;
- additional blackout provides high-quality sleep;
- brings a special style to the overall design of the apartment.

To ensure comfort and safety in deep niches requires the installation of forced ventilation and additional lighting.

Disadvantages of the organization of a berth in a niche:
- air ventilation is broken in a deep niche;
- requires additional and competent lighting (especially if you plan to read books);
- the choice of furniture designs and modules is limited by the available sizes;
- settling more dust;
- complete dismantling of furniture at the slightest rearrangement.

2. What should be considered when making a bed in a niche, and what should be done before installing the bed

In a niche you can place different zones.

After weighing all the pros and cons, it is imperative to decide who will be assigned such a secluded corner, and how to arrange it organically in the existing living space.

Design options for a sleeping area in a modern interior.

We must not forget about the main nuances of the introduction of the bed in such a limited space and the preparatory work:

- take into account the existing depth and length of the niche;
- determine the design of the bed;
- know exactly what will be the base of the bed;

Roomy storage systems in niches with beds.

To create a more intimate atmosphere in the sleeping area, you can install a sliding system or hang thick curtains.

- think over storage systems, both in the bed structure and in vertical areas;
- resolve the issue of privacy (the presence of a door, a screen or a canopy);

When installing the bed in a niche by the window you need to resolve the issue with drafts.

- if you plan to install near the window, then think about how to avoid drafts;
- if the bed is in a deep niche, then pre-install forced ventilation;
- To organize additional lighting.

3. Options for niche design and its location

If you have dealt with all the previous questions and accurately determined that a niche in your interior is an ideal option for creating a special solitary zone, then you need to know what options for the location of the recesses exist.

Creation of a berth in an available niche.

Variants of the organization of a berth in the built-in niche with full filling having space.

Let's start with the most problematic, but inevitable - such a niche already exists thanks to the initial planning. On the one hand, it’s convenient, you don’t have to wrestle with what to do, but on the other hand, you need to competently “beat” the existing alcove, taking into account the needs and wishes of the household. Experts warn that there are difficulties in arranging a berth in this particular version, because it requires complete subordination to the dimensions of the existing recess.

Bed niche can be made anywhere in the room.

Another option is to create a niche yourself. It is he who gives complete freedom of action in the design of an intimate corner according to your vision of this zone and allows you to creatively transform the interior. This design can be made stationary using drywall, particleboard or other building materials. In this case, you decide what depth the structure will be.

Niche at the head of the bed, created with the help of the furniture wall.

A niche can only be made at the head of the bed, thereby deepening it. Thanks to this solution, not only the visual area will be added, but it will also be possible to organize a lot of additional storage sites.

The option to design a bed in a deep niche.

If the area of ​​the room allows, then a niche would not be bad to make such a depth that the whole sleeping place would be hidden in it. This boudoir has a more romantic and secluded setting, because the bed can be fenced off with a sliding door, folding screen or thick curtains. Thanks to this isolation, it turns out a full-fledged bedroom in which you can relax as comfortably as possible and have your own intimate corner, sheltered from prying eyes.

In a shallow niche one-bedroom apartment is better to install a sofa.

If it turns out to create a niche that hides only half of the bed, then it is better to install a folding sofa in it, which when folded can replace the living room. At the same time, maximum use is made of vertical areas for organizing additional storage sites.

4. Rational choice of suitable models and furniture designs for the organization of a berth in a niche

Option to install a bed in a niche with drawers.

As a rule, the most convenient and practical design for creating a berth in a niche is a standard bed with shelves or closed wardrobes (which is more practical) fixed on vertical squares and drawers located under the berth.

Organization of a berth on the podium.

Creating a modern podium bed design will not only save the existing floor space. Such an arrangement of furniture will help to organize as an additional place for recreation, and to provide large storage systems.

Inside the podium you can install roomy storage systems.

Inside the podium, you can organize a sufficient number of drawers, which fit not only the bedding, but also a lot of seasonal things, because they also need to be stored somewhere. This option has already been considered on the pages and it is really good because its surface serves as an ideal rigid frame for creating a bed, because for this it is enough just to put the mattress of the right size - and the bed is ready.

Podium for the bed can be made by hand.

And the most important advantage of installing just such a design is the ability to create a sleep zone with your own hands, there would be a desire and elementary skills in working with tools and materials.

Installing a folding bed model is an ideal way to organize a bed in small apartments. After all, for its location in a vertical position it will be enough to create a niche with a depth of 50 cm.

Niches for a folding bed can be a special closet or a modular system.

Thanks to the lifting mechanism and reliable locking system of the lifted structure, the floor space is maximally freed in the daytime. After all, such a system will help add space for free movement or organization of a playground for children’s games. For craftsmen, creating such a rational system will not be difficult, you just need to choose the right components and pay special attention to the reliability of mechanisms.

Furniture-transformer helps to organize several areas in a small apartment.

If financial opportunities allow, it is better to purchase a special modular system that perfectly organizes all the available space. This embedded design can perform many different functional duties. After all, in addition to all kinds of shelves, drawers, wardrobes and a desktop, it also has a sleeping place.

Modular system options.

Ready modular systems will help to organize the space in the apartment.

Such designs have several modifications: living-bedroom, study-bedroom, children's room-bedroom. For studio apartments there are universal models with which you can organize all the necessary zones, up to the dressing room and kitchen with a dining room. As a rule, transforming furniture dominates in such constructions, which will help to use every centimeter of available space in an absolutely rational way.

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