Useful ideas

14 gizmos that can significantly raise your mood and improve everyday life


Every year on the market there are a lot of devices that are designed to facilitate our life and diversify everyday life.

Most new products are not of particular interest, but among the frank trash are very interesting specimens.

These 14 cool things today can significantly improve everyday life.

1. Refrigerator for cosmetics

Small fridge for cosmetics.

If you are a fan of cosmetics, including organic, you know that you need to store it, observing certain temperature conditions. Most cosmetics need coolness, but there is often not enough space in the home refrigerator, or there is a risk that your jars will be thrown away or worse eaten. To address this issue, this charming compact refrigerator was invented. This small refrigerator locker will be a great alternative to traditional shelves and lockers.

2. Smartphone holder

Convenient holder for your phone.

Our modern life is closely connected with smartphones, so newfangled gadgets constantly appear on the market that can make life easier for users. We all have long and successfully use Bluetooth headsets, wireless headphones and various holders. The photo is just one of them. According to the information, this device allows you to conveniently fix your smartphone at eye level, helping to keep your posture and keep your hands free. This device is a great gift because it likes to spend evenings watching interesting videos or reading books.

3. Unique aquarium

Small biosystem.

This is not just a small aquarium, it is a whole biosystem on your table. The aquarium is completely autonomous, and therefore it is not necessary to change the water - it is automatically cleaned. In addition, the water feeds the container with the earth, located at the top, and soon there grow plants.

4. Lanterns

Night light.

Running and walking in the dark will no longer cause discomfort. Any obstacles on your way you can overcome with the help of Night Runner Shoe Lights - compact LED flashlights that attach to shoes and illuminate the path 30 meters ahead. In addition to sneakers, flashlights can be mounted on a dog collar. In our opinion, with a similar lighting system, walks will become more comfortable and safer.

5. Photo printer

Compact photo printer.

Kiipix is ​​a compact wireless device for instantly printing photos from a phone. Simply attach your phone to the printer screen and in a few minutes you will receive a photo card. Such a printer will be a terrific gift for those who prefer to keep moments in albums, rather than in the phone's gallery.

6. Pancake shovel

Spatula tweezers.

This device is a cross between tongs and a spatula, designed for convenient preparation of pancakes. Of course, this is not a must-have, but as a gift to a cooking lover it is quite possible to be.

7. Leash belt

Unusual leash.

If you want walking with a dog to benefit not only the four-legged, but also you, use this double leash. It can be held in the hands as a classic version or attached to a belt to run with the pet.

8. Wearable keyboard

Keyboard of five rings.

Tap Strap is perhaps the most original keyboard you can imagine. The device is a bundle of 5 rings that are put on the fingers. Four of them are equipped with sensors that capture the movement of the fingers, and the fifth transmits information via Bluetooth to a computer. Also, the device can be used as a computer mouse.

9. Juicer

Manual juicer.

Another wonderful thing for the kitchen is the manual juice extractor in the form of a watering can. The principle of operation is extremely simple: squeeze the juice from half a lemon or orange, and then pour it with meat or salads.

10. Bowl

Bowl three in one.

A small bright bowl with a stand for the phone, a container for seeds or berries and a garbage compartment is a great companion for fans to comfortably sit on the couch watching their favorite commercials.

11. Capacity for sauce

Capacity for sauce on clothespin.

Of course, this device will never fall into the list of essential things, but it will definitely please fans of snacks and delicious sauces. A small container can be filled with sauce and attached to any plate and enjoy a pleasant meal, without worrying that the sauce will spread throughout the dish.

12. Stand for a cup

Soft cup stand.

Which of us did not spill drinks on the sofa. Most often this is due to active movements and lack of space for the cup. To solve the problem will help bright silicone stand. Just put it on the armrest and you can not worry about the safety of your drink and the purity of the sofa upholstery.

13. Double floor lamp

Unusual floor lamp.

A cool floor lamp with two lamps that can be turned on individually is a wonderful thing for those who have a roommate. Light bulbs can be turned on separately, which allows you to read late into the night without interfering with your roommate.

14. Apron for shaving

Apron for home shaving.

Anyone who has ever had a shave in the bath knows how hard it is to clean the drain from hair. However, the torment can be avoided if you get a special apron for shaving. Put it on your neck, fasten it to the mirror, and at the end of the procedure, carefully throw everything into the trash can.