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14 ergonomic ideas that will appeal to everyone who crowded in a small apartment


14 ergonomic ideas that will appeal to everyone who crowded in a small apartment

Any hostess will certainly say that no matter how many storage places there are, there will always be few of them.

However, if you carefully think and implement several ideas on the ergonomic distribution of things, then the same space will fit much more than usual.

1. Vertical cabinet

High sliding vertical wardrobe.

Vertical cabinets are rarely found in the interiors of our apartments. However, they are much more ergonomic when it comes to modest spaces. A high floor-to-ceiling wardrobe can be a great alternative to a closet and can be used to store fairly large items such as an ironing board, buckets, mops, and panicles.

2. Suspended shelf

Hanging shelf on the fridge.

Lightweight hanging shelf for spices and cutlery - a great solution for storing small things on the side wall of a refrigerator or kitchen cabinet.

3. Multifunctional shelf

Narrow multifunctional shelf.

Thanks to this narrow shelf any gap between the furniture will turn into a convenient storage system. In our opinion, this shelf is ideal for storing personal hygiene products, spices and sauces, books and magazines.

4. Dressing room

Dressing room behind the door.

Narrow dressing room, equipped behind the bedroom door. All that is required for the implementation of this idea: a few hooks, railing for hangers, wire shelf and a narrow mirror. Of course, such a dressing room will not replace a full wardrobe, but will be able to accommodate the necessary minimum of casual clothing.

5. Small shelving

Rack of drawers.

A charming rack of three wooden boxes will perfectly fit into a small emptiness under the stairs or in any free corner. We recommend using a rack to store books, shoes, hats and bags.

6. Two-story shelf

Two-story shelf for household supplies.

A simple two-story shelf fits in a small cabinet under the sink and is suitable for storing detergents, sponges, gloves and other household items.

7. Shelf with glasses

Shelf in the bathroom.

A practical shelf with two glasses for razors and brushes, as well as a stand for a hairdryer, will perfectly fit into the interior of a small modern bathroom.

8. Narrow locker

Narrow locker.

A charming narrow cabinet with two closed compartments and two open ones will fit even into the smallest bathroom. This storage system is ideal for storing various hygiene products and small household supplies.

9. Overhead shelf

Shelf over the toilet bowl.

A simple wire shelf, which is conveniently mounted on the toilet bowl, allowing you to store rolls of toilet paper, magazines and any other small items.

10. Wall shelving

Wall shelving for shoes.

You have an impressive collection of shoes, but there is simply nowhere to store it? It is worth looking at the situation from a different angle. For example, fasten a rack with railings on the wall and store your shoes in an upright position.

11. Retractable shelf

Retractable shelf with drawers.

If you keep things just under the bed, they will quickly become covered in dust. To avoid this, it is worth getting a small shelf on wheels with two sliding cabinets. They can store books, magazines, stationery and other trifles.

12. Semicircular shelf

Light semicircular shelf.

A light semi-circular shelf is installed under the sink and can be used to store household chemicals and detergents.

13. Coffee table

A small table-cabinet.

Compact hinged locker, the cover of which easily turns into a table. Such a piece of furniture will perfectly fit into the interior of a tiny bedroom or living room and will allow you to create a working area where it would seem that there is absolutely no room.

14. Board-transformer

Transforming ironing board.

A small dresser, inside which a compact ironing board is hidden in a cunning manner, has several folding shelves and a clothes hanger.

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