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9 ways to make a balcony your favorite place in the apartment


9 ways to make a balcony your favorite place in the apartment

In most apartments, the balcony serves as a storage room - here the owners keep tools, old furniture of small sizes, glass jars for preservation and many other things.

We propose to turn this place into a cozy and comfortable space in which it will be pleasant to be at any time of the day.

1. Throw away all the trash.

The first stage in the arrangement of the balcony - its release from the trash.

The main problem of the balcony is not in its small area, but in the fact that it is not used as intended. Therefore, your first task - to carry out general cleaning: throw away all the old boxes, broken appliances and other trifles that you were too lazy to take to the dump.

2. Make a convenient storage system.

The ideal place to store things on the balcony is shelving.

A massive closed cabinet for these purposes will not work, as it will overload an already small room. But shelves, open shelves, a variety of fixtures on the walls are ideal for placing books, indoor plants and other things that do not fit in the bedroom, living room or kitchen.

3. Visually enlarge the space.

Balcony need to make out in bright colors.

In addressing this issue will help you light colors. Use white, beige, sand shades to decorate the balcony and then the “room” will look much more spacious than it actually is. Also in the design of the room you can use mirror and glossy surfaces.

Another successful option is to use the recommendations of designers for the visual increase of narrow spaces. For example, apply the rules of horizontal lines, lay plain floor coverings, place spotlights in the center of the ceiling, discard solid furniture. These ideas are sure to come in handy, since the balcony most often has an elongated shape.

Monochrome flooring will expand the narrow space.

4. Choose furniture wisely

Corner sofa with storage space.

Since the area of ​​the balcony is rather small, you need to install here only compact and multifunctional pieces of furniture. For example, a small sofa with storage space under the seat will save valuable centimeters in the room and make your life easier. Also be sure to pay attention to wicker or folding furniture. The first does not clutter the space and adds comfort. And the second, if necessary, can be folded, freeing up space on the balcony.

Wicker furniture will make the balcony very comfortable.

Another convenient and compact option - suspended structures.

Suspended chair looks great in the interior of the balcony.

5. Use a windowsill

Sill can be used as a desktop.

The window sill can be used as a bar counter or an additional shelf. If you decide to make a home office from a balcony, then the window sill will serve as an excellent table, provided it is wide enough.

6. Add cozy details

Bright pillows and indoor flowers will make the balcony beautiful and comfortable.

Even a renovated and furnished balcony may look uninhabited. This is due to the lack of decorative elements: lamps, indoor flowers, bright rug, throw pillows. Even the picture on the wall will add to the room comfort and make the interior play with bright colors.

7. Make the balcony a continuation of the apartment

If the balcony is a continuation of the kitchen, place a bar counter there.

If you have a small apartment and there is sorely lacking free meters, combine the balcony with the living room, bedroom or kitchen. There are two options: either demolish the wall separating them, or make the balcony a harmonious continuation of the room. For example, if you combine it with a bedroom, you can make a spacious dressing room there.

8. Use original lighting options.

Monophonic cotton balls, as a lighting and decorative element.

For the placement of light accents, there are many interesting options. For example, "solar" lanterns: in the afternoon they will be charged from the sun, and in the evening they will light up the balcony. Also a good idea - outdoor garlands. You can use standard Christmas-tree decorations, and you can buy multicolored thread balls. In the afternoon they will perform a decorative element, and in the evening - as a source of lighting. Luminous figures and artificial candles are suitable as additional lamps.

9. Put flowers on the balcony

With flowers, the balcony looks inhabited.

Flowers can make not only a decorative element. With the help of indoor plants it is also possible: it is interesting to decorate the walls, place accents and carry out zoning of the space, create a natural screen, if the balcony fence is completely transparent. In the latter case, two options will do: you can use wove pelargonium, which quickly grows downwards, or you can put up plants on the floor in narrow pots, for example, bamboo.

Lashable flowers decorate the balcony from the street side.

To plant bloom all year, choose unpretentious species. These include asters, fuchsia, petunia, pansies.