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7 non-trivial interior items that will help organize life and free up a lot of space


7 non-trivial interior items that will help organize life and free up a lot of space

Almost every one of us dreams of original household items and interiors, which would look stylish, but also help save space in the home, as well as solve non-trivial household tasks.

It is not easy to find such items, but in this review we managed to collect 7 such aesthetic and functional interior solutions.

1. LED garland with a "eternal" balloon as a night light

It looks fascinating.

This device is a LED garland and a modern transparent balloon bubble, the feature of which is that it is practically not deflated (if it was conscientiously tightened by the assembler). The most important thing is not to hang the ball upside down - then the bubble will deflate very quickly. Such a night light works only from two AA batteries (popularly referred to as "fingers"). When the batteries sit down - they just need to be replaced, and the garland will shine brightly again.

So beautiful!

The advantage of this night light is that it is not powered from the network, which is especially important for the safety of the children's room. Accordingly, it does not accumulate as much dust as electrical engineering, which makes it an environmentally friendly solution. The simplicity of the design makes such a nightlight almost eternal, that is, if you do not inflict mechanical damage, it will delight you for years. In addition, unlike floor lamps, it takes up less space: it can be installed in a narrow vase.

But if, for some reason, the bubble was blown away, the girdynda and the rack should not be thrown into the rubbish bin. You can go to the store where the goods for the holidays are sold, and buy another bubble of the bubble type. The size may differ from the previous balloon. In the video a little higher you will see how easy it is to assemble the lamp after replacing the bubble.

2. Portable transformers for drying clothes in living rooms

Incredibly well designed indoor dryers.

There is not always enough space to dry all the laundry, and sometimes the usual forms of drying (for example, outside the window) are not available, if only because of rain or frost. In such a situation portable transformers will come to the rescue. They can be attached to any suitable surface: it can be a headboard, radiator screen, the upper part of the door leaf, etc.

They are attached literally to anything.

It is interesting that if you dry the freshly washed clothes that have passed the rinse stage with a fabric softener in the bedroom, this process will substantially moisten the air in the living room and also fill it with the scent of spring and freshness. Be wary if the room is yours: absolutely all households will want to spend time in a room where fragrant linen is dried!

Dryers are sold as a set.

Such dryers are usually sold as a set of several sections and fixtures. Each mount is removable and can, at the request of the owner, connect the sections of the dryers in absolutely any variations.

Hooks move at different angles.

The fact that the fasteners with hooks at the angle you need are valuable is appreciated if the improvised holders (in this case, the handles of the top drawer of the usual dresser) are wider than the hooked fastener sections mounted perpendicularly.

3. Stylish basket for temporary storage of clothes for apartments with pets

This is not just a decor item, but a useful storage area.

Every cat owner probably found himself in such a situation at least once: after coming home, his favorite sweater was “literally for one second” laid on the bed, but he had only to turn away, as the next moment her beloved cat rests on it . Cats love to stay on any textile. It is not always possible to keep track of them. Come to the aid basket for temporary storage of clothes. For example, it is very convenient to quickly fold up just washed clothes before ironing and sending them to the shelves and hangers of wardrobes and other closets.

Laundry baskets.

Modern market offers laundry baskets for almost every taste. It is not difficult to choose such a specific interior room. There are even baskets of toys that will be doubly suitable for a child’s room: they will decorate and lighten the mood, and also protect children's clothes from pet pile, which often causes itching and allergic reactions during prolonged contact with the skin (on the wrong side of the pile’s clothes there are always more since it is not visible to the eye).

4. Shelf dividers

Strict geometry helps save space.

Skeptics will exclaim: "But how will such dividers allow me to put more things on the shelf ???" Very simple. Strict geometry creates a limitation for the edges of the folded clothes on the shelves of the closet.

Shelf dividers for clothes or clothes.

Thus, in each of the "columns" fit more clothes, rather than if the clothes were arbitrarily folded on the shelf "until the place runs out." Such stoppers will help to put on the shelf about 5-6 items of clothing / linen more.

5. Perforated stand with storage mounts ... anything!

Fasteners cost a penny, and you can make them yourself from wire.

Perforated board is a fashion trend. It allows you to have on hand literally everything that you most often need: from the coil to a photo of your loved ones and a flower in a flowerpot. The idea is that you can place the items you need in the spirit of a collage in any way you like.

All you need most often - at arm's length.

Fasteners can be bought for a penny in the hardware store. But it will be even easier to make them yourself from any dense wire. This is a very economical project, which, however, will bring you real joy and comfort.

6. Plastic vase for storing things that are most often used at the desk

Convenient and practical.

Think about what you most often use while working at the computer desk during the day? Aha: markers, highlighters, ballpoint pen, pencil, tape proofreader, scissors, paper clips and stickers. Why, then, do not put all this in a convenient plastic vase? There are two advantages to such a capacity: firstly, it is easy to wash it, unlike stationery supports with a bunch of hard-to-reach holes, and secondly, it is very convenient to lift it by the handles to wipe dust on the table.

To use such a vase is very environmentally friendly and does not interfere with wet cleaning of surfaces.

Now rubbing dust on the desktop - no longer torment.

7. Reliable coffee table right on the sofa, created in a second from a Chinese wooden rug

Brilliant - easy!

It is possible to order a flexible oriental rug from wooden bars of any size in Chinese online stores. You can also search it in hypermarkets, stores of Chinese goods or fixed prices. He, like a magical scales with enveloping properties, instantly create an ergonomic coffee table, repeating the outlines of furniture.

It is very convenient.

Such rug will take the form of any sofa armrest. Truly, you can exclaim that everything ingenious is simple.

And do not need to buy a coffee table.