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A few cool ideas on how to use corners in the house.


A few cool ideas on how to use corners in the house.

If there are empty corners in your house, you can be sure that they look like the owners of the house have just moved and have not bought enough furniture yet.

We present you a selection of 25 cool ideas on how to use the corners in the house.

1. Even a table can be put in a corner, adding a highlight to an interior

2. An interesting approach to creating corner kitchen cabinets

3. Designer home in the kitchen

4. Shelves and workplace

5. The original fence in his own apartment

6. Drawings, decorative stickers and stencils

7. Commode like a fairy tale

8. An alternative solution - a hanger in the hallway.

9. Shelf for flowers

10. Screen in the children's room

11. The original approach to the headboard through the corner

12. Decorative cabinet in the wall

13. Board for inscriptions and wishes for households

14. Angle as a stand for umbrellas

15. Unusual shelf in the interior of the room

16. An interesting shelf of pipes for the garage

17. Another closet that can be put in the bedroom

18. Multifunctional shelves, where you can store everyday things

19. Rounded with a corner angle

20. A real plane-fly from childhood

21. Creative solution for filling the corner

22. Photo Frames

23. Partition for kids

24. Corner fireplace that warms you up in cold winter nights

25.Angular arbor for rest