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12 ideas for storing things in a small apartment, when the place is completely flat


12 ideas for storing things in a small apartment, when the place is completely flat

If there is not enough space in a one-room apartment, it means that the owner simply has no luck with the accommodation, or he does not know about his "hidden reserves".

In fact, you only need to learn how to properly organize the space and then all things will be in their places and not create a mess in the room.

1. Practical entrance hall

In the hallway should be shelves, drawers, hangers for storage.

To slightly relieve the residential part of the apartment, try to store most of the things in the hallway. Place there a spacious closet with lots of drawers and shelves, or organize a functional dressing room in the room.

2. Balcony or Loggia

On the balcony you can place a rack with books and flowers.

If the apartment has a glassed-in balcony or loggia, use them for storage. This does not mean that there is a need to organize a warehouse of all unnecessary. Just build a few storage structures.

3. Custom furniture

Furniture to order will be more expensive, but it is ideal for your apartment.

Owners of small or non-standard apartments are best to contact specialized companies to create custom-made furniture. Thus, you can usefully equip every square meter in the room. As a result - you will have a lot of functional furniture and a large amount of free space.

4. The wall behind the sofa or bed

On the wall behind the sofa will look beautiful open shelves.

If you decide to place a sofa or bed near the wall, this does not mean that you can not use this surface to store things. There you can put a wardrobe, a rack that will form a stylish niche for a berth and make an excellent place for the location of books, souvenirs, clothing and other things you need.

On the doors you can place stylish organizers for small things.

If the premises have very little storage space, you should think about the proper use of the surfaces of interior doors and cabinet doors. On them you can install various towel hooks, organizers for household trifles, hanging hangers for accessories and clothing.

6. The space under the furniture

For storage under the bed are ideal wicker baskets.

If there is a lot of free space under the bed or sofa, you can place drawers or a suitcase with seasonal things that you will not need soon. Another good option is to add kitchen drawers with sliding basement drawers. There you will be able to store a frying pan, pots and other kitchen items.

7. Corner shelves

Shelves are a great solution for empty corners.

In a one-room apartment there can be no empty corners - this is an inadmissible luxury for owners of a small space. The ideal solution for filling the corners are the shelves. They will look good souvenirs, awards, photo frames, books and other functional trivia. Instead of shelves, you can place shelves or a corner desk - it will also be practical and save a lot of square meters.

8. Place under the windowsill

Sill, equipped with shelves, drawers and a place to rest.

A rather unexpected, but no less useful solution for storing things is a place under the window sill. Many deprive him of their attention, but in vain. Under it you can organize the shelves, and equip the window sill with a soft seat, pillows and use as a relaxation area.

9. Hang something big on the wall.

Bicycle, hanging on the wall, looks original, saves space in the room.

On the walls can be placed not only bookshelves, paintings or photographs. They are quite suitable for storing larger things, such as a bicycle or musical instrument. The main thing - to take care of a reliable mounting system, so that the object does not fall off the wall at the most inopportune moment.

10. Use baskets in the interior

Wicker basket in the bedroom is suitable for storing clothes, shoes, accessories.

Wicker basket is a universal option for storing clothes and other things. It can be put in the bathroom, living room, bedroom in the kitchen - such an item looks stylish and harmonious in any interior. In addition, unlike the same shelves or drawers, baskets are mobile, they can be moved to the right room at any time.

11. Optimize shelves

Place decorative boxes on the open shelves.

Open shelves are a fashionable element of the interior. They look beautiful and harmonious in the bathroom, in the kitchen, visually increase the space. However, they also have significant drawbacks: firstly, it is difficult to avoid confusion, secondly, things are on public display, the privacy element disappears, and, thirdly, it is difficult to get the item that is in the last row if the shelves are voluminous . To solve this problem is very simple - it is enough to create improvised dividers. For example, you can use decorative boxes, transparent trays, small wicker baskets. As a result, there will be more storage space and it will be systematized (you will not have to search for this or that thing for a long time).

12. Use hanging pockets for shoes.

Depending on your goals, you can create pockets of any size.

Popular pockets for shoes can be used not only for their intended purpose. It is also possible to store a lot of useful things in them - tools, underwear, shampoo and balm. Place the pockets on the inside door of the cabinet, on the wall in the kitchen or in the bathroom. By the way, they do not have to buy - such a thing can be made with your own hands from a suitable material. The most important thing is to keep the principle of action of the thing.