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15 simple tips that cleaning the bathroom will no longer be a problem


15 simple tips that cleaning the bathroom will no longer be a problem

Cleaning the bathroom is not the most pleasant thing that the housewife has to do around the house, so you want to do it as rarely as possible, easier and faster.

And it is quite possible, if you put into practice good advice.

We look.

1. Toilet cleaner

Poured out - and forgot.

Any soluble drink in the powder will clean the toilet from the plaque no worse than expensive products. To do this, simply pour the contents of one bag into the toilet bowl and wait a quarter of an hour. After that, the water in the toilet must be drained and thoroughly wiped the bathroom with a brush. From this procedure, the toilet will be like new, and a pleasant aroma will appear in the room.

2. Elimination of "difficult" spots

Vinegar is simple and effective.

Even with the oldest and "difficult" spots you can cope with home remedies. Combine regular acetic acid and detergent in the same amount. Wipe all problem areas with the prepared composition.

3. "Bombs" for cleaning and freshness of the toilet

Bombs for the toilet with their own hands.

To clean the toilet does not necessarily buy expensive advertised means - you can use your own bombs. Making them is easy, for this you will need:

• a glass of soda (with a slide);
• ½ cup of citric acid;
• 90 drops of your favorite essential oils;
water - the amount by eye.
You also need to prepare ice molds (preferably silicone) and an atomizer.

• Mix well with lemon and citric acid, then add esters to it.

• Pour the water into the spray bottle and gently spray it on the acid soda to make the mass slightly moist. In the process of spraying, the composition should be gently stirred so that the water is everywhere. It is possible to understand that there is enough liquid by the consistency, which should resemble wet sand and form a lump after compression in a fist.

And do not forget about the tank!

Effectively and quickly clean the walls of the toilet tank will help vinegar. You just need to pour a little acid into the tank, and then several times to flush the water. If the contamination is severe, the procedure can be performed with a large number of repetitions. Acetic acid not only cleans the tank well, but also kills the bacteria in it.

5. Cleaner brush

Taking care of the cleanliness of the brush.

To wash the toilet brush without unnecessary manipulations, simply pour any dishwashing detergent or Domestos into the container with it and wait a couple of hours. After that the brush is rinsed with water. And in order to prolong the freshness, pour a little disinfecting compound into the bowl for keeping the brush clean.

6. Grapefruit cleansing

Grapefruit as an effective cleaner.

Grapefruit and salt are ideal for high-quality cleaning of the surface of the toilet bowl, sink or bath. Cut the citrus in half and generously cover the cut with salt. Now this half can be safely wielded in the bathroom and after 10-15 minutes everything will be like new.

7. Bath screen

So that the bathroom curtain does not become a haven of germs.

So that the curtain in the bathroom always had a neat and clean look, you need to constantly monitor it. You can wash the curtain in a basin or in a washing machine. And if on its surface there are already traces of mold, then the composition of boiling water and citric acid, in which the curtain should be left for some time, can eliminate them.

8. Acetic wrap

For especially difficult problems.

To get rid of strong and old pollution, you need to apply a vinegar compress to the problem area for half an hour, wetting a rag or a small towel with acid. Especially effective method in dealing with the attack on the crane.

9. Rust remover

Remove rust in 15 minutes.

Remove rust from the enameled surface in a tandem state of ammonia (0.5 cups) and hydrogen peroxide (¼ cups). Spread the prepared composition on a dry cloth and wipe the place with rust. Leave the surface for a quarter of an hour, and
then rinse thoroughly with water.

10. Useful tool

And clean glass ...

The easiest car scraper can be an indispensable tool in the quick and effective cleaning of mirrors and glasses in the house.

11. Anti-fogging agent

To mirrors are not misted.

Mated mirrors in the bath - it's common, but this can be avoided if you pre-wipe the surface with shaving cream and a paper napkin. The effect will continue for 2-3 weeks, after which all manipulations must be repeated.

12. Washcloths holder

Perfect washcloth holder.

So that the washcloth is not constantly wet and does not spoil quickly, it can be fixed in the holder, which can be a large binder.

13. Cleaning the joints between tiles

Cleaning the joints of mold and mildew.

The joints between the tiles very often accumulate moisture, which forms a patina and mold, so the cleanliness in these places should be looked at very carefully. To avoid serious problems, simply wipe these stitches with a sponge dipped in an amount of ammonia, vinegar, softener and water, taken in equal proportions. After the cleaning procedure, the surface must be rinsed with water and cleaned with a brush with stiff bristles.

14. Fighting fungus

If the fungus started in the bathroom.

If the fungus in the bath still appeared, then get rid of it is difficult, but possible. The fight with him must begin immediately, as soon as the first signs appeared. To do this, treat the affected area with hydrogen peroxide and leave the surface alone for a while. At the end of the dirt you need to properly scrape off with a coarse metal sponge.

15. Airing

Airing bathroom.

The most important trick that will allow for a long time to keep clean and fresh in the bathroom - regular airing. This will not allow moisture to accumulate in the room, and therefore the problems will be much less. Also, do not forget about the importance of regular cleaning of the ventilation grille, through which spores of fungus and dust can enter the bath and the toilet.