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10 important nuances that can not be ignored, undertaking repairs in the kitchen


10 important nuances that can not be ignored, undertaking repairs in the kitchen

When we think about the planning of the kitchen, I want everything to be beautiful.

But over time, it comes to the realization that beauty alone is not enough, we also need functionality and practicality.

So that it is not too late, it is better to listen to the advice from our today's material.

1. Built-in appliances

Place for built-in equipment.

Try to pre-plan places for embedded appliances. Pick up places so that it was convenient to use objects. Oven at a high altitude or a low-mounted dishwasher will eventually become annoying. Therefore, it is not necessary to neglect this issue. Most often the best solution is to place the equipment at the level of your own belt.

2. Working surfaces

Work surfaces in the kitchen.

The kitchen can not do without work surfaces. Even in a small kitchen, try to find some free space. This moment should be taken into account at the time of ordering the kitchen. It is best to organize a work surface near the plate, and its width should be at least 60 centimeters. If your kitchen is very small, use additional retractable systems.

3. Good neighborhood

An example of a failed neighborhood. | Photo: Design and interior of your home and apartment.

Refrigerator and sink is not the best company for the stove. But do not also place these items too far apart. According to our data, the optimal distance should be at least 60 centimeters. But you should not arrange these things too far, because the hostess will feel like a squirrel in a wheel, moving from the stove to the refrigerator.

4. Floor covering

Combined flooring in the kitchen.

With all the variety of materials, the choice of flooring can be a real problem. When choosing the best option for your kitchen, keep in mind that glossy ceramic tiles are easy to clean, but it slides a lot. Matte and rough tiles are not so slippery, but they get dirty and hard to wash. It is generally better to refuse parquet and laminate as a floor covering for the kitchen, since occasionally spilled boiling water or a fallen plate can severely damage the coating.

5. Warm floor

Warming the kitchen floor.

Warming the floor in the kitchen is a moot point. Definitely, you should not make the insulation continuous. Underfloor heating under the kitchen, refrigerator and stove is absolutely meaningless idea. So, if you want to make the floor of your kitchen warm, place the heating elements in the center of the room.

6. Outlets in the kitchen

Placement of sockets in the kitchen.

Modern kitchen is unthinkable without electrical appliances, which is why you need to be very serious about the placement of sockets. Their number should be planned at the finishing stage. In our opinion, the lack of outlets can later become a serious problem, which will be very difficult to solve. In order not to lose money, think carefully about where you put the main electrical appliances, plus add at least three more just in case.

7. Sliding lockers

Sliding systems in the kitchen.

Non-standard retractable systems are not a luxury, but a necessity, especially when it comes to a small kitchen. Narrow sliding lockers and unusual mechanisms will significantly increase the capacity of your kitchen.

8. Extractor hood

Good exhaust.

Many people do not even think about the issue of exhaust and ventilation. However, the absence of these systems can lead to the fact that your apartment very soon smells of fried. So, if your family has taken a lot and often to cook, make sure that the hood and the ventilation system was powerful enough.

9. Plate selection

Choosing the perfect cooker.

Stove - one of the most important parts of your kitchen and its choice should be approached responsibly. If you are going to buy a stove, you should consider not only the design and newfangled features, but also the size. Now we are not talking about the actual size, although it is also very important, but about the distance between the burners. Must be at least 20 centimeters, otherwise the pots and pans will come into contact with each other and cooking several dishes will become impossible.

10. Lighting

Multi-level kitchen lighting.

Lighting is another important point that is not taken into account during the renovation of the kitchen. Remember, one light source will surely be small, even if we are talking about a small kitchen. Part of the world will be “stolen” by wall cabinets, which means that working surfaces will remain in darkness. The best solution for the kitchen will be multi-level lighting: a chandelier, several spotlights and lighting cabinets.