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8 things that require deep cleaning more often than we thought


Often, putting on jeans or underwear a couple of times, it seems that they remain as clean. But in fact, some things need to be washed a certain number of times, without waiting for them to appear a stain or obvious signs of dirt.

In order not to harm yourself by creating an implicit source of problems, you should heed the advice of scientists.

They carried out relevant studies and found out how often the things we use almost every day should be sent for washing.

1. Jeans

Wash jeans need, applying a special secret.

Jeans because of their versatility are worn quite often. But not always get dirty quickly. But this does not mean that you can rarely wash denim, even though it looks attractive. It is necessary to wash it after putting on jeans three or four times, and, of course, more often if there are stains. Scientists advise to turn the jeans inside out before washing them in warm or cold water, and use detergent to preserve color, so they will serve faithfully for more than one year. Jeans should be wrung out properly in a typewriter, and before hanging to dry, you need to shake it well or smooth it with your hands - this way they dry out evenly and without folds.

2. Swimsuit

With the swimsuit the phrase "he was in the water anyway, why wash it" does not work.

First of all, a very important rule: you should always rinse your suit with fresh water after you have been with him in the pool or ocean. And on returning home, it is better not to succumb to the temptation to just hang it somewhere to dry until better times. Swimsuit must be washed for real and immediately to get rid of sweat, sunscreen stains, chlorine or salt. To get the best result, wash your swimsuit in a mild detergent, and then rinse and air dry away from direct sunlight. So colors will not lose their saturation, and synthetic fabric will not dry and will not contract.

White clothes are very beautiful and elegant, but also require more attention to their care.

To white shirts, blouses and socks are not yellowed, you need to wash them after each socks. If they have small stains, they should be pre-treated with a double action detergent. The store has a wide range, so you can easily choose one that will simultaneously perfectly cope with stains and help whiten clothes. In order not to spoil things, it is better to use warm water that is safe for fabric, and after washing, dry things in the open air or leave them to dry at home at low temperatures. And one more important advice: you should always separate white things from colored ones in order not to spoil their color.

4. Bed linen

Pillows and blankets are a frequent habitat for skin mites and infections.

Sheets should be washed at least once a week. Best for disinfecting fit warm or hot water. In a washing machine, it is advisable to use a conventional spin cycle, and it is worth drying at low revs to minimize wrinkling. The good news: things are a little simpler with pillows and a blanket. They can be washed seasonally. Since this is only three or four times a year, it is worth taking the matter seriously and buying special products that will provide deep cleaning. Important trifle: add an extra rinse cycle to remove all traces of detergent. To keep the blankets and pillows fluffy, you need to use special balls for whipping, which are sent directly to the washing machine during washing.

5. Bras

Beauty is expressed even in clean clothes.

The upper part of women's underwear tends to almost never get dirty. Put on 5-6 times, and still as freshly washed. However, the reality is not so. Although there are no external signs, particles of dead cells accumulate in the laundry, sweat, so washing should be done after 3-4 uses. The figure may vary depending on how long the bra was worn and how often you sweat. It is best to wash them by hand, but if you are too lazy and really want to throw them in the washing machine, put the bras in a mesh bag and use a gentle wash cycle.

6. Accessories for the cold season

No one gets a freedom ticket without a pretty wash.

The fact that gloves, scarves and hats are worn not too often or for a short time does not mean that they can not be washed. Doctors and scientists recommends washing these things several times during the season. In order not to spoil knitting or soft fabrics, you should first familiarize yourself with the label: is it possible to use machine wash and what should be the mode. Any acrylic knitted gloves, hats or scarves can usually be dried in a washing machine at low revs, and washed using a delicate mode.

7. Towels

There is no need to tighten with washing.

Wash bath towels after every three to four uses. Washcloths - after one or two uses, and hand towels every two days (especially in large families, where they often go into motion). These things should be washed in warm or hot water, and then dried in a washing machine at a regular or low temperature, if possible. As for the fabric softener, sometimes it can be used, but not too often, otherwise it will badly affect the absorbency of the fabric.

8. Pajamas

Pajamas - the most implicit peddler of bacteria.

For those who take a shower before bed, the news is better. You can wash pajamas after wearing it three times. But for those who during a dream often sweats or does not like evening water procedures, it is necessary to send pajamas to the washing machine as soon as possible - just after one or two times, as they put it on. The wash will help with the label on the care of clothes: there is an instruction, which mode is better to choose, so that the thing does not deteriorate quickly. It is usually sufficient to wash your pajamas regularly in warm water and dry in a washing machine at low or medium temperature, depending on the fabric.