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17 "problem" places that even very good housewives often forget during the cleaning


17 "problem" places that even very good housewives often forget during the cleaning

Perhaps every housewife tries to maintain order in the house: weekly cleans, washes, cleans everything to shine.

But there are so-called "problem" places, which we often forget during cleaning.

About them will be discussed in today's material.

1. The wall behind the bin

Wall near the trash can.

The wall behind the bin is one of the most polluted places in the apartment. Food waste, carelessly abandoned bags, bottles and other debris touches the wall, leaving splashes, stains and germs. Therefore, during cleaning, you need to pay special attention to this area. If a container of garbage is in the locker, thoroughly wipe all its walls with soap and water. Do the same with the wall if the bucket is in the public domain.

2. Comb

Brush combs.

On your washing machine, in the bathroom locker or on the dresser right now a hairbrush may lie, from which hair sticks out in different directions. Hair from a comb from time to time showered on the floor or on other surfaces, creating a mess. In addition, the presence of such an unsightly object in the house gives the hostess a slut. Remember, the hair from the comb should be removed after each combing, and from time to time, the combs should also be washed with a shampoo.

3. Intercom handset

Clean the doorphone tube.

The intercom handset is now in every second house and it also needs regular maintenance. The fact is that on the surface of the tube there is a huge amount of dirt, dust and germs that can easily get on the skin during the next doorphone call. To avoid problems, do not forget to regularly wipe the intercom with soapy water, and from time to time to treat with an antiseptic.

4. Brushes for dishes

Caring for brushes for dishes.

The brush that we use to wash dishes also needs cleaning. On its wet bristles remain particles of fat and food, which contribute to the growth of germs and the appearance of an unpleasant odor. To prolong the life of the kitchen brush will help her regular cleaning. Wash the bristles once or twice a week with dishwashing detergent, and then leave to dry completely.

5. Ventilation grilles

Cleaning the ventilation grilles.

Many people completely forget that the ventilation grilles provide air circulation in the rooms, and therefore require regular cleaning and maintenance. From time to time do not forget to clean them from accumulated dust and dirt.

6. TV Remote

Microbes on the remote from the TV.

It is proved that the remote control from the TV is one of the most polluted things in the apartment. Competition he can make only the rim of the toilet. However, if after using the toilet, it is customary to wash our hands, then after using the remote control, we do not. But we can switch the buttons with fat hands during the meal, take the console with unwashed hands, in addition, the consoles often fall to the floor or are located in the cracks between the sofa cushions, where dirt also accumulates. Based on the above reasons, everyone should understand that cleaning the console should be a daily ritual. It is best to use for this special antiseptic.

7. Switches

Clean switches.

All that is in contact with the hands, should shine with purity. Switches are no exception. Wipe them thoroughly each time you clean the apartment.

8. Trash Bin

Wash bin.

Even despite the use of garbage bags, the bucket still needs to be cleaned. Of course, this does not have to be done every week, once a month will be enough. Use a sponge and any detergent to clean the inside and outside of the trash can.

9. Chandelier

Clean chandeliers.

The chandelier hangs high and its purity is not too striking. Nevertheless, a large amount of dust accumulates on the lamps and ceiling lamps, which not only steals the light, but also pollutes the air. Remember to wipe the details of the chandelier as well as other surfaces in the house.

10. Bathroom

Details in the bathroom.

Wet warm environment - ideal conditions for the life of bacteria. Therefore, cleaning in the bathroom should be given special attention. Do not forget to lift and wipe the bottles with shampoos and gels, soap dishes and shelves. Also pay attention to the glass with toothbrushes.

11. Yoga mat

Training mat.

The training mat needs constant care, because with one side you put it on the floor, and sweat and skin fat accumulate on the other. Such contamination can cause allergic reactions and serious skin diseases. Avoiding unpleasant consequences will help regular cleaning of the mat with a water-acetic solution.

12. Washer

Cleaning the drum and gum washing machine.

The appearance of a stale smell from the drum indicates that the machine needs to be cleaned. For this there are a lot of different recipes and tools. In addition to the drum, pay attention to the gum in the washing machine. Because of the moisture there is often a fungus.

13. Windows

Clean windows.

While washing windows, pay attention not only to glass, but also frames. Also, from time to time do not forget to clean the gum and the side of the window frames. Usually in these places the greatest amount of dirt accumulates.

14. Toys

Pet toys.

Pet toys often end up on the floor and on the ground, gathering on themselves a huge amount of germs and dirt. Whatever your pet has any stomach problems, try to wash these things regularly and in a timely manner.

15. Coffee Makers

Clean coffee makers.

Changing the taste of coffee indicates that it is time to wash the coffee maker. To do this, you need to completely disassemble the device and carefully clean all parts.

16. Device for ice

Built-in ice maker.

Do not forget to wash the ice maker from time to time. You can do this in the dishwasher. If your refrigerator is equipped with an integrated ice maker, do not forget to clean it too. To do this, you need to wash and disinfect the water compartment.

17. Rug

Doormat in the hallway.

Floor mats near the front door allow you to wipe your feet and not smash dirt around the apartment. However, if this rug is dirty, then there is less benefit than harm. In order for this functional part to continue to work as intended, do not forget to wash it regularly, and also to change it in time with a new one.

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