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On guard of cleanliness: 17 practical gizmos that will help bring the kitchen to the ideal


On guard of cleanliness: 17 practical gizmos that will help bring the kitchen to the ideal

Perhaps every hostess dreams that in her kitchen reigned comfort and order.

And for this you have to wash everything daily and rub to shine.

However, there are a lot of gadgets that greatly facilitate routine work in the kitchen.

1. Grid for sink

Grid for the sink.

A sink net is a simple, but very useful invention capable of protecting pipes from food debris. Best of all, this grille was removable. Then it can be easily cleaned.

2. Brush for cleaning

Brush for cleaning in hard to reach places.

Who said cleaning is a boring, monotonous occupation? Previously, you just did not have magic tools. For example, a small silicone brush, with which you can penetrate into the most inaccessible places in your kitchen and "decorate" them in the color of purity. In our opinion, this brush is ideal for cleaning the narrow crevices of the kitchen, where a lot of grease and dust accumulates.

3. Stand

Corner stand made of plastic.

Modern kitchen is unthinkable without a stand under the sponge and soap. Without this important detail, mold quickly forms on the worktop. The most convenient option - a corner stand on the sink.

4. Steam cleaner

Steam cleaner.

This furious woman in two accounts will clean your microwave from dried-on food and fat. The device works by steam, the fat is soaked and you just have to wipe the walls with a sponge.

5. Degreasing wipes

Wipes that can remove fat.

The kitchen is full of fatty foods that leave marks on the surfaces, dishes and hands. Special wipes will help you to get rid of them quickly and easily. It is much faster and more convenient than washing off grease stains with detergents.

6. Original gloves

Stylish rubber gloves.

Household gloves have already caught the fancy of women. Well, in the original gloves, housework will become much more pleasant.

7. Dish dryer


Washed dishes should also be dried. If you do this on the tabletop, there will be drops and stains. In our opinion, for these purposes it is better to get a dryer for dishes. Just put it on the sink and all the drops with clean dishes will flow into the sink.

8. Pendant holder

Suspended brush holder.

If you do not want to clean the countertops of mold and mildew, make sure that there are no wet things on the work surfaces. For this, it is worth getting a special hanging holder suitable for storing brushes and bottle brushes.

9. Safety shield

The protective screen for the stove.

No one likes to wash the stove, but after active cooking it is inevitable. Save time and effort will help a special folding screen. Install it on the burner that you will use and the oil splashes will not fall on the neighboring ones.

10. Melamine sponge

Multifunctional melamine sponge.

To melamine sponges can be treated as you like, but whoever said what, they are perfect. Any surface, any object after contact with the magic sponge will shine like a new one.

11. Lizun

Lizun for cleaning.

We all are accustomed to perceive lizuna, as a child's toy. But now his advanced adult version has appeared. It looks almost the same as a toy, but with it you can get into the most secret corners of the apartment and clean them from dust and dirt. This device is also perfect for cleaning any buttons.

12. Brush

Brush for dishes.

Special brush, with which you can in two accounts wash the cutlery from the remnants of dried food.

13. Device for cleaning fish

Device for cleaning fish.

Many people do not like to cook fish because of the cleaning process itself. Fish husk flies everywhere, dries out and turns into a real problem. However, all these problems can be avoided if you acquire a special device for cleaning fish with a container for scales.

14. Mop with water container

Mop with sprayer.

A mop with a water container and spray will help you quickly and comfortably wipe the floor in the kitchen or in the hallway without carrying a bucket.

15. Spatula

Paddle with silicone tip.

Wonderful spatula with a silicone tip, allowing you to put everything from the pan down to the drop, and thus facilitate the process of washing it.

16. Metallic soap

Soap from smells.

Smells of fish, garlic and onions stick to the skin and are very poorly washed off, but you can also cope with this problem. To do this, you need a special metal soap. Rub your wet hands on it and there will be no trace of unpleasant odors.

17. Garbage container

The container for small garbage.

Chopping box with a special container for collecting food debris will minimize cleaning after cooking.

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