Useful ideas

Delightful examples of the organization of a small kitchen space.


Too small kitchen?

In fact, this is not a problem if you know how best to use the available free space.

There is also nothing difficult in his organization, the main thing is to figure out and get acquainted with a couple of dozens of concrete examples. several were just collected in a traditional review.

1. Design for storing plastic caps

The original metal construction for real housewives, which is perfect for storing plastic caps.

2. Compact wooden cabinet

Compact wooden cabinet of a light shade, for storage of various household accessories, which will perfectly fit into any modern kitchen interior.

3. Glass storage box

Ordinary wooden boxes with built-in metal structures can be used to store ceramic and glass utensils that are easily beaten.

4. Storage of measuring utensils

The doors of classic kitchen cabinets can be used to store dimensional dishes of various shapes and sizes.

5. Storage of cereals and seasonings

For storage of cereals and various seasonings, you can use ordinary glass containers that will significantly unload space in the cabinets and help clean up the kitchen.

6. Boxes for various small things

Wicker boxes that are used to store various small items, and which will help to significantly save space in a small-sized kitchen.

7. Wooden storage box for kitchen utensils

An ordinary wooden box can be an original and indispensable organizer for various kitchen accessories.

8. Storage of small dishes

Special metal structures that are designed specifically for the storage of small dishes.

9. Storage box

Drawer for storage of cereals and preservation, which will help to efficiently use any free space even in a small kitchen area.

10. Cabinets with sections

For proper and convenient storage of kitchen utensils, you can use cabinets with sections.

11. Storage of conservation

Original metal drawers are perfect for storing preservation.

12. Drawers

In the drawers of the kitchen set it is quite convenient to place sets of small assortments of dishes.

13. Wooden shelving

A small rack of wood is a fairly convenient and practical acquisition.

14. Open cabinet with shelves

An open cabinet with shelves, painted in a bright purple hue, for storing a collection of cups can be a bright accent and decoration for a modern kitchen.

15. Metal organizer for pans

For a set of pots and pans, it is best to purchase a special metal organizer.

16. Organizers for utility room

Wooden organizers for utility room, thanks to which you can store countless items.

17. Hidden Organizers

Organizers, located in hidden places, for storing food film and garbage bags.

18. Modular kitchen set

The original modular kitchen set, which is a creative solution for a small kitchen space.

19. Drawer for seasonings and sauces

Another classic drawer for true lovers of various sauces and seasonings.

20. Retractable waste baskets

A drawer for trash can significantly save space in the kitchen.