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17 kitchen tricks that will simplify and bring cooking to a new level


One way or another, each person strives to achieve perfection.

This also concerns such a seemingly trivial exercise as cooking.

Here and in the new review, several effective and at the same time incredibly useful tips were collected on how to cook better, faster and better.

1. Juicy roast beef

Juicy beef, baked in the oven.

To roast beef turned out soft and juicy, try baking it in a special way. To do this, take a deep rectangular shape, put cherry tomatoes on the bottom, make some kind of grid out of foil, put the meat and send it to the oven. Meat baked in this way will not burn, will fry evenly, will be juicy and fragrant.

2. Preparing dishes

The temperature of the dishes.

Hold the dishes for a few minutes in a cold oven before serving hot dishes to the table. And before serving cold appetizers, salads and ice cream, the dishes intended for them should be held in the refrigerator. Such simple manipulations will allow dishes to remain beautiful and tasty as long as possible.

3. The Perfect Egg

Eggs on the water.

Pour some water on the heated pan, wait until it boils, carefully break the eggs, reduce the heat and cover with a lid. After a couple of minutes, the eggs should be salted, pepper and again cover with a lid. Five minutes and the eggs with the perfect yolk are ready.

4. Preparation of onions

Preparation of raw onions.

If you are going to prepare a dish, one of the ingredients of which is raw onion, soak it in cold water. This will remove bitterness and make the onion taste softer.

5. Cooling wine

Quickly cool the wine.

To quickly cool the wine, wrap the bottle with a wet towel and send it in this form for half an hour in the refrigerator.

6. Cutting greens

Easily and quickly chop the greens.

Carefully and quickly cut the greens can be twisting its leaves into tubes. Thus you can very quickly cope with cutting leaves of lettuce, basil, sage and mint.

7. Unusual dessert

Banana filled with nutella.

Cut the tip of the banana peel, make a neat hole in the fruit and fill it with nutella using a syringe. It will turn out to be a very simple and at the same time unusual dessert, which, for sure, will appeal to guests and children.

8. Improve the taste of wine

Save the bad wine.

To improve the taste of not too good wine, you can use a blender. Just pour the contents of the bottle into it, turn it on for a few minutes, wait until the foam settles and enjoy.

9. Poached Eggs

Gourmet dish.

Carefully break the egg shell, pour the contents onto the cling film, twist it like a pouch and tie it. Place all the bags in a pan with hot water and cook for 4-5 minutes.

10. Dough

To the dough rose.

If the dough does not rise for a long time, a microwave and measuring cup with water will help. Simply heat the water at high power, then place the container with the dough in the oven and close the door. Under the influence of steam, the dough will rise much faster.

11. Cleaning the pan from fat

Fat in the pan.

Wrap a piece of ice in a paper napkin and run it on the surface of the pan. Most of the fat will stick to the napkin and you just have to rinse the pan under running water.

12. Citrus cleaning

Easy to peel oranges.

Preheat the oranges in the microwave on a small capacity, so that later it is easy to peel them.

13. Cheese

Easy to grate cheese.

Rub cheese will be much easier if you pre-cool it in the freezer. Such a trick will not only significantly speed up the process, but also keep the grater as clean as possible.

14. Baking

Baking, preheated in the oven.

Baking, preheated in the oven, often becomes dry and stale. To prevent this from happening, heat the dough products with a glass of water.

15. Sticky products

Protect surfaces from sticky products.

Use a non-stick spray or regular butter to protect various surfaces and utensils from sticky ingredients.

16. Thawing oil

Quickly defrost the butter.

Cover the frozen butter with a heated glass cup so that it melts faster.

17. Baking dish

So that the baked products do not stick.

To prevent baked products from sticking to the form, brush it with butter or fat, and then sprinkle the bottom and edges with semolina or breadcrumbs.

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