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20 great ideas for creating brilliant bedside tables


20 great ideas for creating brilliant bedside tables

The attention of readers immediately two dozen incredible, wonderful ideas, each of which will allow you to use the bedside table with maximum efficiency.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that using any of the proposed options, the bedroom will look even better.

1. Cabinet, covered with cloth

Wooden bedside table, covered with a dense non-woven textile fabric, obtained by adhesive bonding of the fibrous base.

2. Compact corner cabinet

The compact corner bedside table from mahogany will ideally fit even into the small room.

3. Curbstone from a single piece of wood

The original nightstand, made of a single piece of wood, which can serve as a small coffee table.

4. Minimalist bedside table

Unusual bedside table in a minimalist style, definitely, will appeal to people who appreciate the free space, simplicity and accuracy.

5. The combination of wood and metal

A bedside table made of wood cut on classic metal legs will be a real attraction in a modern interior.

6. The barrel in the form of a barrel.

A bedside table in the shape of a wooden barrel will be a stylish addition to the bedroom in country style.

7. Curbstone in the form of a sheet plate

A wooden bedside table in the shape of a sheet plate, which harmoniously fits into any modern interior.

8. Suspended nightstand

Suspended cabinet in the style of minimalism, which is very easy to do with your own hands from several boards.

9. Pirate Chest

The original wooden dresser, stylized as an old chest, will perfectly fit into the bright interior of the bedroom.

10. Hi-tech cabinet

Functional bedside table with an unusual wooden frame in the style of high-tech technology.

11. Light green nightstand

A light-green bedside table fits perfectly into the neutral interior of the bedroom.

12. Rectangular pedestal in the room for a teenager

Correctly selected rectangular bedside table, which has a contrasting color compared to the interior of the bedroom.

13. Bedside Sill

Hanging open bedside window sill-curbstone - an important element of the decor of the bedroom.

14. Curbstone decorated with glass

A metal bedside table decorated with glass will be the final detail in a modern bedroom interior.

15. Original hanging pedestal

Suspended bedside table made of expensive wood, which, thanks to its design, creates a feeling of lightness and weightlessness.

16. Stand with mirror-chrome surface

A bedside table with a mirror-chrome surface that visually expands the space in the bedroom.

17. Open bedside table

An open bedside table can be a functional and effective solution for any modern room.

18. Simple wooden dresser

Exclusive thing in a rustic style - a simple wooden bedside table in the form of an ordinary stool.

19. Wooden drawer

A gray painted wooden box can be an excellent nightstand that will refresh and decorate any bedroom.

20. Cabinet in country style

Original bedside tables in country style with secret compartments