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17 practical variations on how to combine wallpaper, visually changing space


Wallpapers for several decades do not hand over the positions of the most demanded material for interior decor.

Paper, washable, vinyl - all and not count.

Properly selected wallpapers can visually enlarge the space and add light.

This material presents 17 options, as it is advantageous to combine wallpaper.

1. Minimalism

Minimal blotches of color.

An interesting idea of ​​using the remnants of bright wallpaper: a strip of color on a monotonous wall and a few squares inserted into the frame is an interesting idea for the design of a boring living room.

2. Geometry

Wallpaper with geometric print.

Low-key wallpapers with a geometric print were used to highlight a separate area in the living room.

3. The rags

Patchwork combination of wallpaper in the living room.

The patchwork combination of plain wallpaper, wallpaper with patterns and bright printed options will make even the simplest interior unique and very stylish.

4. Denim wall

Accent wall in blue tones.

Accent wall made of dark blue wallpaper and classic floral print wallpaper. In our opinion, such a reception will be able to revive a bright living room in a classic style.

5. Contrasts

The play of light and darkness.

Contrast and from this a very impressive combination of light and dark wallpaper with a print in combination with a relief ceiling made it possible to blur the boundaries of a small hallway.

6. Bright details

Bright details in the interior.

If you are afraid of completely pasting the walls of the room with bright wallpaper, use patches. A bright orange strip above the sofa and brown wallpaper in the corner will bring fresh breath into the interior.

7. Accent wall

Bright accent wall.

Bright colors, of course, are good, but can adversely affect the fragile childish psyche. Therefore, it is not necessary to paste over all the walls with them. It is better to use neutral wallpapers and focus on one of the walls.

8. Shades in loft style

Loft style combination.

The loft-style kitchen, part of which is decorated with wallpaper with imitation of white brickwork, and the other with plain gray-colored wallpaper.

9. Color panels

Bright panels on the walls.

The light gray living room with yellow panels decorating one of the walls looks very stylish and not at all boring.

10. Strip ceiling

Bright strip on the ceiling.

Classic bedroom in cold sober colors, the highlight of which was a narrow strip of wallpaper with a floral print, glued to the ceiling.

11. Brick wall

Brick wall in the living room.

In our opinion, wallpaper with imitation brickwork is almost a win-win option for the design of a modern living room or bedroom.

12. A variety of prints

A combination of different prints.

A great example of how to combine wallpapers with different prints on one wall. So, inconspicuous gray polka-dot wallpaper looks great in tandem with a wide strip of dark green wallpaper decorated with an active print.

13. Shades

Wallpapers of different shades.

An interesting idea of ​​the design of the staircase, where the wall is decorated with dark brown wallpaper with a classic print, and the stairs themselves are pasted over the same, but beige.

14. The catchy picture

A catchy picture in the center of the bedroom.

A striking picture in the center of the bedroom, made in restrained sand tones, will bring a touch of individuality to the interior.

15. Original combination

The original combination of wallpaper in the hallway.

Striped wallpaper in gray tones in combination with white, decorated with active playful images and monochromatic ivory color, will make the hallway stylish and extraordinary.

16. Bright combinations

Bright combinations in the interior of the kitchen.

Do not be afraid of bright combinations in the interior of the kitchen. The combination of white, salad and yellow shades will make the interior rich and authentic.

17. Patchwork

Accent wall in patchwork style.

Previously, needlewomen were sewn from bright patches of blankets, but now this trend has spread to the walls. So, squares of wallpaper with different prints can be used to create a stunning accent wall in the interior of a bedroom for a girl.

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