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15 utilities that will help all parents in the supervision of the kids


15 utilities that will help all parents in the supervision of the kids

The appearance of the baby means that life will not be the same.

In the house there are a lot of all kinds of gadgets to facilitate the daily lives of newly minted parents.

These 15 gizmos are handy for childcare.

1. Portable rug

Diaper changing mat.

Wherever you are with the baby, you will need a place to change diapers. It must be clean and comfortable. For such purposes, a portable mat that fixes the hands of a child is perfect, and after changing diapers, it folds up to the size of a small handbag.

2. Bath mat

Bath mat.

A bright bath mat, equipped with a temperature sensor, will prevent slipping and allow you to set the most comfortable temperature for your baby.

3. A stroller that drives itself

Electric stroller.

This rather unpretentious, at first glance, stroller is equipped with an electric motor, which allows it to roll without any effort on the part of adults. According to the information, all that is needed to start the wheelchair is to press the button, set the route and speed, and then just hold the handle, maneuvering along the road.

4. Security bracelet

Security bracelet

Beluvv bracelet will always know where your child is, even if he is not in your field of vision. The device can be programmed so that if the child leaves the set boundaries, the parents will immediately receive a notification with its coordinates. In our opinion, such a bracelet will become an invaluable helper for those whose children get to school on their own, walk around unattended in the yard, or simply don’t like to sit still.

5. Sleeper

Mobile bed

Compact bed with orthopedic "breathable" mattress that can distribute temperature, hard sides and several pockets. Thanks to its compact size, you can take a cot with you on any trip, in your own bed or for a walk.

6. Turntable

Tumbler basket

A bright plate that can rotate around the axis, which makes the spilling of food almost impossible. A wonderful thing for those whose children do not have a good appetite.

7. Toy with "memory"

Toy for feeding.

Unusual toy, which should be put on the chest in the process of feeding, and then kept in the crib of the child. The toy is made of a special “memory” material, which absorbs the maternal smell and creates the feeling of the presence of the mother, even when she is not around.

8. Bath stopper

Side in the bathroom.

Modern parents no longer need a baby bath. It is enough to get a special rim that will reduce the bath to the required size.

9. Road hammock

Children's road hammock.

Comfortable hammock, which is attached to the back of the seat opposite, and makes traveling with a child much more comfortable.

10. Table Mat

Portable feeding mat.

A portable mat made of bright silicone fits snugly to the table and allows you to feed the baby without traditional plates.

11. Pacifier thermometer

Pacifier with thermometer.

There is nothing worse than the diseases that stick to the little man in the first years of his life. To not miss anything and be safe in time, use the teat with a thermometer. After 3 minutes, the thermometer will show the exact temperature of the baby’s body.

12. Modular furniture

Multifunctional children's furniture.

Modern parents love stylish and functional things. Such as this set of modular furniture that can be used for a variety of purposes.

13. Car seat

Smart car seat.

Evenflo baby car seat is one of the safest developments in this field. The chair is equipped with built-in sensors, reminiscent of the fact that the belts are not fastened, as well as a receiver that synchronizes with the operation of the auto engine and notifies about the need to unfasten the chair in case of a stop.

14. Pocket Bib


Thanks to the clumsy gestures of the baby, after lunch all the surfaces around the child are full of leftover food. To cope with the problem will help a special bib with a pocket that will drain all that did not fall into the mouth.

15. Bright plate

Interactive plate.

The original plate, which is a circle of cardboard, decorated with a bright pattern, and the cover of the safe plastic. The advantage of such a plate is that the cardboard base with a picture can be changed at least every day.

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