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17 modern balconies that will inspire the transformation of your own


As a rule, the contents of the balconies of most of our compatriots is a deplorable sight: they are simply turned into a dump of unnecessary things.

But surely many people dream of some secluded place in the apartment.

So why not make it to the balcony? We have collected 17 options that will inspire the transformation of your balcony.

1. Workshop

Mini workshop on the balcony.

A narrow loggia or a glassed-in balcony is a great place to organize a small workshop. For such a room is best suited wooden trim, in one of the walls you can set a homemade table with shelves and drawers, and above it an oraganizer for tools.

2. Minimalism

Nothing extra in the interior of a narrow loggia.

According to the information, the balconies of most people are still cluttered storage rooms. It is very simple to change this tendency, you need to sort out the rubble, throw out all the excess, and put a high cupboard in the vacant square, in which things that did not go to the garbage can be placed. It is better to stick on the walls bright wallpaper, and hang on the ceiling for a laundry dryer.

3. Reading room

Reading corner on the balcony.

Are you dreaming of a cozy reading corner where you could hide from reality and numerous relatives? So why not realize this desire on your own balcony? Everything? What is needed for this? high sofa with a shelf for books below and good lighting.

4. Workplace

Workplace on the loggia.

A compact workplace with a table shelf of rich blue is a great idea for organizing a functional area in a small apartment.

5. Brick walls

Wallpaper with imitation bricks.

A magnificent narrow loggia, the walls of which are covered with wallpaper with imitation of brickwork, and high modern chairs near the dark wide window sill.

6. Upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture on the balcony.

A soft sofa, a cozy chair and a small table are all you need for a perfect stay on your own balcony.

7. Storage Systems

Many lockers.

It is not necessary to fill your loggia with furniture and tables, place contrasting cabinets under the window sill and use this space to store things that have no place in the apartment.

8. Suspended chair

Cozy space.

A snow-white hanging chair, a modern floor lamp and a fluffy carpet will turn a standard balcony into the coziest place in the world.

9. Provence

Provence style balcony.

A narrow loggia with snow-white walls, exquisite wrought-iron furniture, a rack of stairs and many plants in original pots.

10. Dark tones

Loggia in dark colors.

Dark shades are rarely found in the interiors of loggias and, nevertheless, they look no worse than light ones. Add thick elegant curtains, a wide window sill, high chairs, a soft sofa - your balcony will be as stylish and comfortable as possible to relax.

11. Family corner

Soft corner on the balcony.

Family gatherings can be arranged not only in the kitchen, but also on the balcony. To do this, you need a table-shelf, corner sofa and a pair of soft ottomans. The walls can be decorated with original shelves with flower pots and all sorts of cute trinkets.

12. Panoramic windows

Cozy balcony with panoramic windows.

Surely, you have repeatedly seen scenes in American films where the characters sit on a cozy sofa under a large window, and caught yourself thinking that it would be nice to have the same place. Discard doubts; modern materials have long made it possible to turn dreams into reality. So, a balcony with huge windows, wood paneling and a sofa instead of a window sill will become your personal Mecca.

13. Spring freshness

Sunny balcony in shades of green.

Imagine: outside the winter, and on your balcony is always spring. In our opinion, this effect can be achieved using green and salad shades in the decoration and furnishing. Salad walls, green shelving, console table and flowers in pots will turn the balcony into a cozy place for creativity and relaxation.

14. Multifunctional space

Desk and bar counter on the balcony.

Bright, spacious balcony with a slate and a writing desk on one of the walls, as well as a small bar in the center.

15. French style

Nice balcony in french style.

Wonderful French-style balcony with Tiffany-colored walls, original ceiling decoration, contrasting floor, thick elegant curtains and a charming chest of drawers filled with many wonderful things.

16. Mini locker

Compact built-in locker.

A snow-white built-in locker and a charming lamp prove that beauty is in the details and they have a place in any space.

17. Huge windows

Loggia with huge windows.

You have no idea how large windows can transform space. Good now, designers and builders can implement almost any idea. For example, to turn the once cluttered balcony into a modern resting place with a sofa, a chest of drawers and large windows.

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