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18 devices that will become indispensable helpers in the kitchen


Well, when the kitchen is equipped with all sorts of smart devices that make life easier for all the inhabitants of the house.

Yes, so that these devices were also not useless.

In the review there are 18 worthy kitchen tools that will not only help to streamline the cooking process, but also make it as pleasant as possible.

1. Multipech

A unique gadget that allows you to fry food with the help of hot air, using a minimum amount of sunflower oil or without it at all.

2. Guillotine

Funny device that will allow you to easily cut the buns in half.

3. Rug

A rug that will help unscrew the tight cover.

4. Device for cleaning garlic

A device that helps to easily clean the garlic.

5. Measuring spoon

Electronic measuring spoon.

6. Chesnokodavka

Easy to care and use thing for crush garlic.

7. Bright toasters

Funny toasters that will delight both adults and children.

8. Salt and pepper shaker

Electrical devices that quickly grind any spices.

9. Electric cooker

Compact stove for one burner, which copes with its "responsibilities".

10. Slicer

A device that helps to cut tomatoes perfectly.

11. Grater

Mini citrus grater.

12. Magnet for fat

A unique device for removing fat from any food.

13. Timer

A timer that helps you cook the eggs.

14. Corkscrew

Corkscrew in the form of a screwdriver.

15. The unique plate

Awesome plate with stand for your phone.

16. Delivery

Comfortable stand for the lid and spoon.

17. Covers with holes

Covers with which the water from the pan does not boil away.

18. Spice Racks

A set of very nice containers for spices.