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18 awesome things that will turn the house into the most comfortable place


Often, many owners, turning over the pages of glossy magazines or websites about interior design, sigh heavily.

They consider it practically impossible to translate the ideas presented into reality.

However, not everything is so hopeless.

We have collected interior design ideas that will inspire you to create something like this.

1. A floor with optical illusions

Optical illusions on the floor.

If you are afraid that the room will look boring, focus on the floor. Self-leveling floor with optical illusion can easily become a bright feature of any space.

2. The secret room

Chamber of Secrets.

Many are inspired by the romance of modern movies about magic and wizards, so they are building secret rooms at home. In addition, it is not at all difficult to do; just close one of the doorways with a double bookcase. Behind such doors there can be a cozy bedroom or study.

3. Fireplace

Fireplace for home or apartment.

For many, the fireplace is a kind of symbol of warmth and home comfort. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to have such luxury as a fireplace, try to make it original and fit well into the interior of the house.

4. House

Children's room with a house.

Who among us in childhood did not dream of his own house. And if earlier it was impossible, now it is quite feasible. On the site we have already written about how to turn a children's room into a fairy tale. For example, you can equip the corner with a construction in the form of a tree with a small cozy hollow inside, where you can hide to read or play. For girls' rooms, a large house with built-in beds and a play area will do.

5. Aquarium

Aquarium in the railing.

Observing the fish has a calming effect on a person, and if you enclose this item in the railing of a small staircase or partition, it will certainly become an interesting detail of the home or office space.

6. House under the stairs

Dog house.

The space under the stairs can be used to organize a nice and very cozy pet house. Several pillows, toys and a special door are all that is needed to implement this idea. Such a house can be a worthy alternative to the cage, which many owners use, so that the pet does not have a shkodnichal in their absence.

7. Coffee table

Coffee table with aquarium.

A unique glass coffee table with a built-in aquarium will become the accent center of any living room. In the living room with such a table you will always feel peace and tranquility.

8. Photo wallpaper

Wall mural in the toilet.

Even such a modest space as a toilet can look stylish and original. All that is needed for this is a roll of high-quality photo wallpapers with a suitable 3D image. This technique will expand the boundaries of the bathroom, making them almost endless.

9. Space under the stairs

Emptiness under the stairs.

Do not neglect the empty space under the stairs. However, you can’t even imagine how many opportunities lie behind this. Under the steps you can make a pantry, wine cellar, safe or secret room.

10. Hammock

Mesh hammock.

The huge hammock from the grid under the ceiling of the house is an ideal place for those who like to dream, read or watch the household scurrying around the house.

11. Panoramic window

Large panoramic window.

A large panoramic window in one of the rooms of a private house will allow you to observe nature and birds, be inspired by the beauty of the environment, inspired by new achievements.

12. Corner cabinet

Workplace in the corner.

A small, but very functional workplace in the corner, combining a small table and many shelves, will allow you to organize a comfortable office, even in a small apartment.

13. Tree

A tree inside the house.

We warn you, get ready, this you have not seen: a cozy suburban residence, built around a tree. Such a construction is the best example of eco-architecture.

14. Bed

Modern and functional bed.

Where does the bedroom start? Of course with the choice of bed! Want to make your holiday amazing, choose a modern high-tech bed. The developers of these beds have taken into account all the needs of the consumer. She can adjust to body position, change the temperature of the mattress and play music. For convenience, the railing has a built-in lights and several built-in shelves.

15. Carpets

Carpets in eco style.

What could be more pleasant than walking barefoot on the grass? Unless, walk on a soft carpet with imitation of the real moss.

16. Table

A table with a place to charge.

A modern coffee table with a touchscreen display, a small built-in fridge and a connector for charging gadgets will perfectly fit into the interior of a modern living room.

17. Sink

Original washbasins.

These amazing shells are a real find for a music lover. They are made in the form of turntables vinyl records. Also included is a mirror that simulates sound frequencies.

18. Ladder with slide

Slide ladder.

A staircase to the second floor, equipped with a slide on the side, will become a favorite attraction of children, and sometimes adults.

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