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9 plants that can be grown in the kitchen and used in cooking


Any dish is magically transformed by adding fresh seasonings. And you can get them in your kitchen, even without going to the supermarket.

At least 9 aromatic and healthy plants that are used as seasonings for many dishes will grow without any problems on the windowsill of any apartment or house. To do this, do not even need special equipment, it is enough to provide them with abundant watering and a lot of sunlight.

1. Oregano

Original seasoning in minute availability.

Oregano, also known as oregano, in combination with other seasonings can unfold in new ways every time. Adding it to the dish, you can achieve originality and excellent taste. Oregano goes well with vegetables, first courses, meat, sauces and fish. To grow a plant, you need to take a sprout from fresh seasoning and plant it in the ground, in a pot with good drainage. The best place for oregano will be on the south window, where it is light and warm.

2. Parsley

Gentle spicy aroma and sweetish taste conquered the world.

Parsley can be grown from seed or transplanted with an adult bush. This should be done at the end of the garden season. For good growth, parsley needs a lot of light, so it will be good on the southern windows. In the eastern and western, it will also grow, but slowly. Parsley is good for decorating any dishes, as well as for a pleasant sweetish taste.

3. Basil

Basil is suitable not only for many dishes, but also for drinks.

Basil is a spice that has a special piquancy. It goes well with fish, meat, vegetable dishes and sweet drinks. Basil is praised by many culinary masters, magazines and books on cooking delicious and healthy food. To grow it, you need to take care of the sufficiency of heat and sun. Cultivation can begin with seeds that are placed in pots, which immediately need to be put on the window facing south.

4. Bay leaf

Bay plant will give not only a variety of homemade dishes, but also a pleasant aroma throughout the kitchen.

Bay leaf is popular in cooking around the world. It goes well with bean dishes, soups and borscht of all varieties, gives a pleasant aroma to seafood, fish and meat dishes. It is added even in cereals and sauces. And the bay leaf is a wonderful ensemble with all the canned vegetables. The laurel plant should be located on the window sill of the western or eastern window, where there is not very much light. But you need to make sure that the pot is soft earth and enough air.

5. Chervil

Savory taste that will make the dish really special.

Chervil - an unusual, elegant, but very useful herb. It has a savory, but quickly volatile aroma in which you can hear notes similar to tarragon, parsley and anise. Fresh leaves of the plant, containing a large amount of vitamins, are excellent for meat and fish dishes. Seeds of chervil can be harvested at the end of summer, then planted in the ground. The pot should be put in a place with poor lighting and cool air temperature in the range from 18 to 23 degrees.

6. Tarragon

Tarragon gives the dish a bright, rich and fresh bouquet.

First, the plant tarragon to grow in the garden or cottage. After it drops the leaves, it can be moved to a room and put for a few days in a cool place, and only then sent for permanent residence to the south window, where there is a lot of sun. The plant must be regularly fed with liquid fertilizer. Then its fresh leaves will delight you with a slightly tart, spicy and original flavor.

7. Thyme

Intense aroma from fresh seasoning right on the kitchen window.

Thyme loves a lot of sun, but it will feel great on the windows facing east or west. It must be rooted from a fresh process, cut from a street plant. But it is better, of course, to transfer thyme with already formed roots into a home pot. Thyme gives the dishes a sharp spicy taste and rich pleasant aroma, perfectly complementing pork, potatoes and cabbage, cheeses, canned food and many drinks.

8. Rosemary

Spicy seasoning that goes well with fish and meat.

Rosemary sprout needs to be rooted in wet ground. It will grow best on the south window. Rosemary is applicable not only in cooking, it acts as a natural air freshener, so you need to prepare for the fact that your kitchen will smell like a fresh pleasant aroma throughout all the cool seasons.

9. Sage

Fragrant seasoning with a pronounced taste.

To start growing room sage, you need to take a plant shoot from the street. It will be better if it is already rooted, but a simple sprout will take root. Sage is well tolerated in dry indoor air, but needs plenty of sunshine from a window facing south. Sage is not just used in cooking, it is also very useful. Fresh leaves have a bitter, spicy, astringent taste, but a thin, slightly tart flavor.