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17 effective tips for any hostess that will greatly facilitate household chores


17 effective tips for any hostess that will greatly facilitate household chores

As a rule, household chores are not a pleasant occupation, but one cannot get away from it.

We have collected 17 effective tips from real experts that will greatly facilitate home care.

We look!

1. Clamps

Clips for packages.

Wine corks can be used as clips for open packages of cereals, chips and spices.

2. Smell in the toilet

Pleasant smell in the toilet.

Pour the contents of one packet of sweet powdered drink to fill the bathroom with pleasant candy smells.

3. Masking the wires

Masking wires and cords.

Wires and cords, which cannot be hidden, can be ennobled and turned into a stylish interior detail with the help of coarse rope.

4. Pet bed

Sleeping place for pet.

The old table can be turned into a cozy and comfortable pet bed. Just turn it upside down, and in the frame, put a small mattress of a suitable size.

5. Hangers

Anti-slip life hacking.

Attach to the hangers on both sides of the usual hair ties or for money. Such a trick will prevent clothes from slipping from the shoulders.

6. Cleaning the washing machine

Cleaning drum washing machine.

Over time, dirt and germs accumulate in the drum of the washing machine, which leads to an unpleasant smell. Monthly cleaning will help to prevent this trouble. To clean, you need to start the normal mode of washing without things, having previously poured a little soda and vinegar into the powder compartment.

7. Shining shell

Super efficient sink cleaning.

A budget and very effective way to clean the sink with soda and lemon juice. The cleaning process is extremely simple: we pour soda on the surface of the sink, squeeze the juice of half a lemon from above, leave it for 5 minutes, thoroughly clean the sink with the other half of the lemon and rinse it with warm running water.

8. Salted soup

Salvation salted dishes.

Liquid salted dish can be saved with a potato or a few slices of apples. Just drop the existing ingredient in the pan, boil for 5-10 minutes, and then catch with a slotted spoon.

9. Vases

Vases of baby bottles.

With the help of a spray paint of golden hue, you can make delightful flower vases that will become stylish and exclusive interior details.

10. Paint container

Paint container with stand for brush.

A plastic canister of milk or juice can be used to create a convenient paint container with a brush holder. Just cut the canister as shown in the picture above and use it.

11. Fixation nail

Fixing nails.

Secure the nail with a regular hair comb to avoid accidentally nailing a finger.

12. Cat tray

Hidden cat tray.

To cat tray does not spoil the interior, hide it in a simple cabinet of a suitable size. Just do not forget to make a hole to enter the side of the cabinet.

13. Masking the router

Hidden router.

A router that does not fit into the interior of the room can be hidden in the hard cover of one of the old books.

14. Wooden cleaning

Caring for wooden dostochkami.

Salt and lemon can help clean wooden cutting boards from dirt and unpleasant odors. Just sprinkle the surface of the cutting boards with rock salt and carefully rub with half a lemon.

15. Ink marks

Clear traces of ink from the fabric.

Hair spray will help to remove ink from curtains or other fabric products. Just sprinkle a stain with any varnish and wash as usual.

16. Shaving Foam

Alternative ways to use shaving foam.

To prevent the mirror in the bath from misting, rub the surface with shaving foam, and then remove the residue with a paper towel. You can also use foam to remove complex stains from carpet and furniture.

17. Crane cleaning

Cleaning faucets.

Get rid of the lime on the mixers will help ordinary table vinegar. Pour it into a plastic bag and tie it on the blender. To complete the cleaning will help half a lemon, which can be wiped plumbing after cleaning.